Where to sleep, hotels and accommodations Miami

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodations Miami

Several types of accommodation, fromyouth hostel au palace design and B & B and the essential motel.

If you go in high season, it is strongly recommended to book as long as possible in advance. The easiest way is to do it via the official website of the establishments. You will systematically ask for your bank card number. Please note that if you change your mind and do not inform the hotel at least several days in advance, you will still be charged.

In the United States, prices vary according to the filling rate, and therefore, roughly, depending on the tourist season (the yield management system). The differences can be huge overnight!

Where to sleep in Miami?

Miami Beach concentrating the main part of the interest of the city, it is especially here that one should sleep, particularly in the charming hotels of theArt Deco District, planted in the heart of the nocturnal activity (provide earplugs, double glazing is rare).
Le Downtown, booming, offers a possible urban alternative. Little interest in staying in other neighborhoods, except possibly Coconut Grove for its peaceful atmosphere.

As much as you are united, we can often get good discounts by booking directly on the hotels websites (especially in low and medium seasons).

Miami Beach Art Deco Hotels

The hô1940.

The façhôchemin have been more or less well retyped.

Often fresh paint covers old paneling, electricity is dated and sound insulation is lacking. Double glazing is rare, noise omnipresent, even in expensive establishments. Practical detail, the parking (when there is one) is always paid and often overpriced.

Boutique hotels

The first boutique hotels appeared in New York in the 1980s. They have obviously proliferated in trendy places like Miami Beach, taking over some Art Deco buildings. Frequented by business customers and trendy travelers, these are often independent hotels, in principle of small capacity (but this is no longer necessarily the case), with personalized service and above all an original, cozy or design decor. They are also sometimes referred to as small luxury hotels.

In catéprix can be more interesting than large units with dozens of standardized rooms.

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