Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Washington DC

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Washington DC

As always in the United States, the price of the rooms varies from day to day, depending on August and September-October correspond to end, the prices are (a little) lower.

To save some money, you can choose to settling in Alexandria, connected to the Mall in a few metro stations.

In the DC, at the announced price are added around 15% tax.

For amateurs, Bed & in and ... don't even stand out on the street! The stay is generally fixed at 2 nights minimum.

North of M Street

Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Shaw, Adams Morgan, Kalorama ... Almost no museum on the horizon, but these are the liveliest districts to eat, go out, shop. Tall buildings are rare there and rows of small Victorian houses side by side are much more frequent. In the most upscale residential areas, they give way to opulent homes.

South of M Street

Foggy Bottom, Downtown, The Mall, Capitol Hill, Near Northeast. You will be closer to museums, but the environment is less attractive, colder. With the exception, however, of Capitol Hill which has the advantage of being both a residential area where you can eat and go out, while not being too far from the museums (at least some of it).

The Near Northeast (H Street NE) is a bit far from everything, but lively, especially at night.

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