Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation United States

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation United States

Whatever the type of year-round. You will always be asked for your payment card number.

Please note, if you change your mind and do not cancel your reservation at least several days in advance (check their cancellation conditions carefully), you will still be charged, generally for the 1st night.

In the United States, prices vary according to the filling rate and therefore, roughly, depending on the tourist season (the yield management system). The differences are sometimes noticeable overnight, even in high season!

Youth hostels

Attention, endangered species! Young Americans and travelers prefer the couchsurfing, free accommodation in private homes via the site.

  • More info on couchsurfing

There are still youth hostels affiliated with Eastern United States.

Of course, there are also Private AJ, but, here again, the trend is the same: more and more, travelers are being replaced by outsiders staying by the week or the month, which singularly alters the atmosphere (and quickly the appearance) of the place ... So it is in Denver, in Albuquerque, etc. In tourist areas, the AJ no longer exist.

The few hostels that remain often have fully equipped kitchens, common rooms and washing machines.

No age limit to stay there.

In high season, it is advisable to Reserve in advance.


We find or almost, large, small, trècars), sometimes leaving very little room for tents. Never very glamorous.

National or state campsites (national or state campgrounds)

These campgrounds are cheap in genetics and barbecues, but not necessarily showers, electricity or drinking water (or even water at all).

We cannot recommend you enough to Reserve in advance when possible (usually up to 6 months), especially for travel in high season.

Private campsites

There are sometimes monstrous coaches, long like buses. For campers, few also offer a subscription card (Value Kard Rewards), valid for 1 year, which costs around $ 30 and entitles you to a 10% reduction.


The name comes from the contraction of "United. A motel is geondes and a coffee maker, kettle or percolator.

Chain motels

Tighter budgetsLodge, Best-Value Inn, Red Roof or Super 8. And, of course, there is the unmissable Motel 6, generally the cheapest of the chains, all of which have been renovated and now offer very decent rooms for the price!

Please note, except for Motel 6, belonging to the same chain does not guarantee a completely equivalent level of comfort or attire.

A cut above are Days Inn and Comfort Inn. And then Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Howard Johnson by Wyndham in the mid-range category.

A few words about hotels and motels

- Better to Dè With some exceptions (pre Most hôondes and minifrigo (and some AC in the re More and more hotels are offering a continental breakfast. Often, we have to be content with coffee, tea and muffins, to be taken standing in the lobby, sometimes with a buffet with cereals, yogurt, fruit, waffles, eggs and bacon. If breakfast is not included, take it outside.

- The smokers. You are also made to sign a waiver on this subject. If you do not respect the "no smoking" instruction, count a $ 250 fine, which will automatically be debited from your credit card in the event of an offense! The ban includes balconies and terraces.

- If local calls are often free, long distance communication from a hotel room is horribly expensive.

  • See also téUnis

Bed & Breakfast

In ge $ 180 per night).
Their capacity is generally quite early (11am). Finally Yes children are not always welcome (to preserve the tranquility of the guests), this rule is sometimes adaptable.

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