Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Turkey

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Turkey

NEVER DRINK WATER FROM THE TAP. Stock up on bottled water before heading back to your hotel (cheaper at kiosks).

Those who are sensitive to daylight will take an airplane mask because the majority of establishments do not have shutters, but simple curtains with more or less opaque windows.

Camp Sites

Municipalities in many cities have set up campsites (kamping) at the exit of built-up areas, but they are often little shaded and fairly average. Sometimes you can rent a bungalow there.

In tourist areas, especially near the beaches, some restaurants offer pitches with a shower available. In general, they are cramped and rudimentary.

A solution of last resort is to camp in a private garden: permission is easily granted. Wild camping is strongly discouraged.

Pensions (Pansiyon) and small hotels

For some, it is a good opportunity for contact with the Turks. There may be extras such as the use of heating or air conditioning.

We stay there correctly at € 50 in Istanbul): private bathroom and air conditioning most often, wifi almost always, and good general maintenance. In principle, breakfast is included.

A few remarks and recommendations for this type of guest before accepting a room, see in the corners a little remote, those who are sleepy. never leave your passport or identity card at reception.

Classic hotels

Nothing to report, except to watch the offers on the Internet. The hotel structure is comfortable, mainly on the Aegean coast, the Mediterranean coast, in Cappadocia and in Istanbul. Buffet breakfast is usually included in the price.

Consult a list of hotels in Turkey in our “Good hotel deals” section.

Charming hotels and pensions

Charming accommodation, especially found in tourist areas, is often fitted out in old restored houses where an effort has been made to maintain a traditional, Ottoman or retro atmosphere, while integrating a certain comfort. Of course, they are often quite expensive.

Homestay accommodation

It is little used.

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