Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Tasmania

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Tasmania

Tasmania offers accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, from homestays to luxury hotels, camping sites and bed and breakfasts. During the high season (school holidays in Tasmania, but also those in other states of Australia), it is better to book well in advance. The rates can then be higher than the rest of the year.

Camping site

Whether you are traveling with your tent or in a motorhome, these have coaches and tents, with connection to the kitchen, shop ...

All over the island, especially in the National Parks, there are also more or less wild camping areas. Often there are bins and toilets (not always clean). Drinking water distribution points are rarer, take some supplies; 10 liter cans are easily found in supermarkets. Some campgrounds in national parks are free, but if not, count around AU $ 25 (€ 17) per day, for 2 people with a vehicle.

Wild camping is more or less tolerated: be discreet, but you will easily find "spots" out of sight ...

Youth hostels

Appeléroutard »varied opemes in the travel offer.

But it is still very practical and relatively economical compared to other forms of accommodation in Tasmania. Count 20 to 25 AU $ (14 to 17 €) per night in a dormitory. Most of the time, you will sleep in dorms with 4 to 8 beds.

Some backpackers also offer double rooms, to be reserved, because there are few (30 to 40 AU $ per night).

Showers and toilets are shared, as well as the kitchen, where lunch (coffee, tea, toast or pancakes). You will certainly be charged a few dollars extra the first night for bed linen.

Çstop) or sell your matéci by Internet or directly on site.

- Youth Hostels Association (YHA): it is the Australian branch of the Hostelling International network, cousin of the French FUAJ. The FUAJ card will therefore allow you to obtain discounts on its network of Australian hostels. The YHA Membership Card costs AU $ 25 (€ 18) for one year, AU $ 45 (€ 32) for 2 years.

- VIP Backpackers : it is the most common chain in Tasmania. VIP Backpackers Discount Card valid for one year: AU $ 47 (€ 32), postage of AU $ 10 (€ 7) included. It also gives the right to reductions from the brand's partners, on transport, excursions, phone cards, etc.

Hotels and pubs

More expensive than backpackers, hotels also offer more peace and privacy, in comfortable single or double rooms, with or without private bathroom. In general, the single is not much cheaper than a double room; it is therefore more interesting to take a room with several people. The comfort and services depend on the standard of the establishment, which ranges from basic motels to star-rated luxury hotels.

- pubs are an Australian institution. These bars also have bedrooms upstairs. There are more than 300 in Tasmania, in cities as well as in the smallest towns. Generally, it will cost you less than at a hotel, but the experience will be more… funky! Old-fashioned decor, shared sanitary facilities, short counter sounds in the background… A real dive into the heart of deep Australia, to try at least once!


If you prefer contact with the Tasmanians, several options are available to you.

Bed & Breakfast 

We find Bed & Breakfast provided to you, but it's up to you to manage.

Farmstay, farm stay

The farmstay is similar to our farm stays: you are accommodated in a farm and share the life of the farmers, to whom you can possibly lend a hand. Generally, “nature” activities are offered to you, related to the specialty of the area.


In the mWide Opportunities on Organic Farms): in exchange for a few hours of work per day (4 to 6 hours at least, sometimes up to 8 hours), you are fed and housed on an organic farm or with people whose ecological sensitivity is put into practice every day.

You must first pay an annual membership of 65 AU $ (42,50 €) per person, + 5 AU $ (3,20 €) postage for the guide. We therefore receive a booklet containing all the addresses of the participants in the operation, in Tasmania but also in the other states of Australia.

  • See our practical dossier on wwoofing.

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