Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Seville

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Seville

The youth hostels

Àville, without the privacy of a private room.

Most of the AJs offer epension or full board. Those who want to sleep there will book in advance because, from April, some AJs are blocked by groups.

  • Albergues Inturjoven Andalucía

But this offer is now advantageously supplemented by Private AJ, super central, often cheerful and convivial, without the need for membership, and which also have the advantage of having more flexible schedules, and offering a lot of activities to discover the city in groups.


Only one campsite in the immediate vicinity of Seville, reachable by bus, however, and well equipped!

With regard to Pricing, they are displayed: either at the location (including 1 tent and 1 car), and the price per person must be added; either item by item: tent, car, adults, children ... We will tell you the price on the basis of a tent, a car and 2 adults.


Accommodation in Seville is usually not a problem if you plan ahead. However, finding accommodation during Holy Week and the fair without having booked several months in advance is a challenge! The prices vary according to the seasons with the soaring of the temporada super alta, where you will have to expect to pay double (or even triple) the prices indicated below. When there is only one price, it means that the establishment practices the same all year round, excluding Semana santa and feria.

Most of the time you will have the choice between rooms on the street (brighter but can be louder) or on the patio, generally darker (or even windowless, with only a glass door). In this 2nd case, peace is not 100% guaranteed, because a patio resonates! Also, don't forget that Spaniards live late into the night, so think about earplugs.

Seville's cheap hostels almost all look the same and have the charm of Andalusia: patios full of freshness, flowered balconies, family atmosphere, but generally quite small rooms, even tiny. If the comfort and decor are very simple, cleanliness is generally the order of the day. In winter, there is seldom heating (calefacción) in the rooms, so do not hesitate to ask for extra blankets. In Santa Cruz, good little addresses unfortunately tend to turn into factories for tourists and they have an unfortunate propensity to neglect ... It still happens that the hostal requires payment on arrival, and not on arrival. after the stay and does not accept payment by credit card.

Our ranking takes into account the charm of the place and quality of reception, but the latter remains uncertain: the son who opens the door during the parents' nap is not necessarily as kind as the latter, who, themselves, live thanks to tourism ... In any case, ask to see several rooms to make your choice.

- hotels are classified from 1 to 5 stars. Try to arrive early enough to make sure you have a room, and ask to visit it first. The prices displayed at the reception and in the rooms often vary according to the divisions of the tourist year but, more and more, the rates are calculated according to the occupancy rate of the hotel, and therefore vary from day to day. the other. This is how it is quite easy to find big promotions on the Internet.

- € 80 per double), patios covered with marble and modern hotel facilities create a more distinguished atmosphere. Quite often offer discounts in nearby car parks. Do not hesitate to ask for them.

- If we go to "more chic" category (minimum 100 € per double), the price schedule is particularly complex, and the price differences between low and high season are significant. It is therefore prudent to inquire beforehand to take advantage of the reductions offered on the websites or to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially during Holy Week and the feria! The reception is sometimes quite stilted: obviously, the smile is not necessarily included!

For a single room, ask for an individual accommodation; for a double room, a double habitation; and if you want a double bed, specify cama de matrimonio. A small Iberian peculiarity: in small traditional establishments (even a little old-fashioned), the cama de matrimonio is generally a narrower bed than the classic "140 cm": 120 or 130 cm, this is, obviously, what allows in Spain to stay in love. Hence the interest, sometimes, of preferring a room with 2 beds ... That said, in modern or renovated establishments, 140 cm double beds, or even large format, are now the norm.

The tourist offices have a list of hotels and hostels with current prices.

Thebuffet's latest deuce has spread widely, but the quality is very uneven.

Renting apartments

A good plan with family or friends, to enjoy a casero crust. Not much cheaper than a hotel though.

  • More info on accommodation in Andalusia.

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