Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Rome

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Rome

The majority of operators. This is why, sometimes, it is in your best interest to go through an agency.

About the apartment rental, it is an excellent formula provided you come together and stay at least 3 days. There are still the religious institutions that are legion in Rome, but here too you have to do it several months in advance to stay during religious holidays such as Easter or Christmas and agree to go to bed early and have breakfast before. 9am!
Finally, be aware that breakfast is mostly included in the prices of B & B, hotels and pensions.


We pay about 25 to town.

  • Féavantages, which allows you to benefit from specific insurance including cancellation / interruption of stay insurance as well as numerous reductions at some 1 partners.
    The FFCC Card also includes the International Camping Card, which will allow you to obtain multiple reductions at campsites in Europe, including Italy.

The youth hostels

There are 2 official youth hostels email by contacting the AJ directly.

Otherwise, youth hostels deprive you of poor apartments to the detriment of the comfort of its guests.
Other private hostels are, unlike the previous ones, of excellent quality, nicely decorated, equipped with all modern comforts (kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, etc.), clean, and provided with a warm welcome. Obviously, it is better to book as early as possible in the latter.

  • hostelworld.com
  • hostels.com
  • You can also contact the reservation center for Italian youth hostels directly for more information: Associazione italiana Alberghi per la gioventù.

Housing in religious institutions

For fire in the evening. Despite this, it is still interesting if you want to stay in the historic center and avoid the inexpensive but relatively remote area of ​​Termini station.

Bed & Breakfast

You can stay with a local in the city in the same one, the room offered can be very nested in the owner's house (little privacy) or, on the contrary, in an apartment that you share alone with other tourists . In short, generally the quality is there, but we can have some surprises.

  • Contact the Central reservation Bed & Breakfast Italia. Possibility to book online.


Find your cheap hotel in Rome.

Renting apartments

It has become the very practical and rather economical solution for families and friends who travel in small groups, provided they stay several days. Your food budget will be seriously reduced.

  • Loc'appart : Offers the rental of apartments in Rome, from studios to 4 rooms, for a minimum of 3 nights from any day of arrival
  • See the best hotels and accommodations in Rome, our favorite selection of addresses.

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