Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation New Zealand

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation New Zealand

Do you only have availability : during the summer holidays (from late December to February), and even more so at Christmas time, it is not uncommon for everything to be full in the most touristic areas.

Hotels and motels

New Zealand has a fairly large hotel base, made up mainly of motels, as well as more classic hotels. Some, it must be admitted, are a bit old-fashioned. The prices are quite reasonable. We repeat, the rooms fill up quickly during the austral summer. As far as possible, it is best to settle in before 17 p.m. so as not to find yourself stuck in the water. Many of the motel rooms have kitchens.

Bed & Breakfast

The formula is in the spotlight across the country, with hundreds of B & B's available. Typically, prices for a double room are slightly lower than for a motel (NZ $ 60-80), but the bathrooms are most often shared. However, some B & B's offer luxury services at much higher rates, equivalent to those of a good hotel. In a similar genre, one can also spend the night on the farm.

Youth hostels

There is a dense network of YOs affiliated with the Youth Hostelling Association (YHA, international federation of youth hostels, also known as HI, for Hostelling International). They offer dormitories with 4 to 12 beds, single and double rooms. The tenants share common sanitary facilities. All hostels have a fully equipped kitchen, most often a washing machine and a dryer.

Rates: 20 to 30 NZ $ in dormitories of 4 to 12 beds; from NZ $ 60 per night in a double room. It is always cheaper if you take the membership card.

There are even more unaffiliated hostels (backpacker hostels), with similar services and sometimes slightly lower prices.

Camping site

C & rsquoZécar, renting a bed in a cabin, an entire chalet or a motel room… In short, the options are not lacking and suit all budgets.

The best holiday parks are members of the Top 10 charter. Many have a kitchen, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a lounge with TV, and sometimes a sauna. All are very clean. To pitch your tent, count NZ $ 7 to 20 per person on average.

In addition to private campsites, there is money in a box. Some campgrounds are even free.

As to wild camping, it is widely accepted, but tends to be limited more and more.

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