Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation New Caledonia

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation New Caledonia

Hotels and resorts

L & rsquoCalédonie apart from Nouméa where one finds mainly hotels of middle and higher category. There are a few independent hotels classified from 1 to 5 stars (international classification standard).

Some chain establishments are very luxurious, such as the Méridien hotels (one in Noumea and another on the Isle of Pines). For these luxury hotels, count from 160 € per night ... and sometimes even up to 700 €!

In tourist areas, you will also find resorts at more reasonable prices: from 80 to 170 € per night.

Whenever possible, reservations should be made in advance, especially at cheaper hotels.

Cottage or rural relay

These family childcare facilities are the most common type of accommodation in tourist areas outside the capital. Sometimes these are working farms. The bungalows, with or without a kitchen, can be rented for a few days or a few weeks. They accommodate from 2 to 6 people. From 30 to 90 € per night.

More information on the website of the New Caledonian tourist office.

Home in tribes and tribal lodges

This type of accommodation in the Kanak villages is enjoying growing success, particularly on the east coast of Grande Terre and on the Loyalty Islands. It allows an immersion in Kanak (Melanesian) culture.

As a tribe, guests generally sleep in typical Melanesian huts, huts or bungalows, located a bit away from the family home. On Grande Terre, this is especially possible on the east coast. In the Loyalty Islands, this is the most common type of accommodation. The comfort can be rudimentary with, as a bed, a mat or a foam mattress and the amenities outside the hut.

Un label "Home in an island tribe" was created with the aim of supervising the lodging at the inhabitant in customary ground. These labeled accommodations thus offer certain guarantees: accommodation in a traditional hut or straw hut, sanitary block, faré (common hut) for catering and hospitality, traditional ingredients and recipes, authenticity and cleanliness of the facilities, quality of the welcome. The label offers a classification in 3 categories indicated by frangipani flowers. Nearly 30 tribal reception structures are labeled.

Upon arrival, the host and the visitor sign a “charter of good conduct”. Indeed, be sure to respect the customs of the tribe, in particular the practice known as custom : It is fashionable to report your arrival to the village authorities, or even to offer the chief a small gift.

This type of accommodation is cheap: on the Loyalty Islands for example, from € 13 (for a campsite) to € 45. We obviously pay in cash.

Reservations at local tourist offices.

You can have your meals there with the tribe, provided you make a reservation.

Bed and breakfast

A rising trend. Family welcome in the properties of Caledonian and Melanesian families in the bush and islands. In some farms, your hosts will invite you to discover and share the life of the farm.

Camping site

The campsites are always located in the heart of nature, in sublime landscapes. You can pitch your tent almost everywhere around Le Caillou, except in Nouméa! We can sometimes also camp on tribal lodgings in Kanak villages. From 4 to 12 € per night and per tent.

Youth hostel 

There is only one youth hostel, that of Nouméa, affiliated with the Hostelling International network. It has dormitories with 4 or 6 beds, as well as 13 single or double rooms.

Prices: 14,20 & euromembers. Sheets are included in the price.

Kitchen with kitchen per person to store food in the cold.

You have to book in advance.

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