Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Micronesia

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Micronesia

For an idea of ​​average prices, see the budget in Micronesia.

Camping and bungalows

There is no official campsite in Micronesia. That said, it is possible to ask landowners if it is possible to settle (for remuneration) on their land. In Chuuk, this is hardly suitable due to the density of the population. Some residents also camp in the tropical forest of Pohnpei, or in Kosrae, but the humidity is such that it may be preferable to arm yourself with a hammock and a tarpaulin ... In any case, where whether you are camping, do not leave anything lying around: we are here in the Pacific and everything that is lying around is made to be (re) used… by others!

A little more comfort? Contact the tourist offices of each main island asking them to arrange a stay in a guesthouse. It is often bungalows very simple on stilts, with palm roof. No sanitary facilities, but a garden hose or a container filled with (obviously cold) water available ... Sometimes there is also an old gas stove which risks exploding in your face. And, every morning (night?) You will be awakened by the countless roosters that haunt the villages.

Hotels and resorts

Well, first of all the bad news: don't expect to find a youth hostel or backpacker here: there simply aren't any. Of simple hotels, yes, but rarely very frivolous ... Regarding the most economical addresses, we are above all in the functional, with sometimes a little random cleaning and maintenance which is often just as much (everything ages badly in the constant humidity). Forget the charm. On the other hand, you will be entitled almost everywhere to air conditioning, TV, a fridge… and an American motel-style bedspread, very kitsch, which shines!

In a similar style, there are also some apartments with kitchen.

Some establishments play the traditional card, with wooden bungalows with private bathroom - as always more or less well maintained.

  • Yap Village View Hotel
    It is the only hotel with bungalows in Yap facing a beach and the reef, in a village; it has known better days, but the address remains pleasant and affordable to settle down and forget yourself. The owner, Al Ganang, is a nice guy.
  • O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn
    The address is expensive but different. Occupying a small, well-maintained wooden house, it has just 5 not giant but very comfortable rooms, in a B&B spirit. The boss, Don Evans, an American from Iowa, former Peace Corps, has been living in Yap for 46 years! Not only is he cool, but he's a real source of information.

In Pohnpei, capital status requires, the choice is a little more extensive. Bet on the following addresses:

  • 7 Stars Inn
    For its welcome and its cleanliness.
  • Yvonn's Hotel
    Simple but good value for money)
  • Pacific Tree Lodge Resort
    A very nice address in Kosrae, still affordable for the region, overlooking the mangroves and with kayaks available!

The higher category mainly includes hotels for divers. If their general condition varies, we are generally guaranteed to enjoy American-style comfort - with Micronesian approximations… Most of them offer packages including accommodation and dives.

  • Blue Laggon Resort
    The gold standard for diving in Chuuk.
  • Manta Ray Bay Resort
    The benchmark for diving in Yap remains, even if the rooms and gear are no longer very young.
  • Ulithi Adventure Lodge
    There, we are really far from everything: on Ulithi atoll (Yap dependency), the 4th largest in the world. The comfort is simple but the experience just extraordinary.

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