Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Mexico

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Mexico

The youth hostels

Called hostales (or hostels), the AJ are private and can be found everywhere, with a greater concentration in the big tourist spots.
But the worst meets the best: modern, clean and well equipped for some, dilapidated or even dirty for others. Better to follow our advice and ... take a look before putting down your bag, everything can change very quickly.


  • A list is available on the hostels.com site. But anyway, we show them to you whenever there are any.


If hotel is called hotel in Spanish, there are also a host of other appellations, in particular posada, hospedaría ou meson. Word hostel is often used, in addition to youth hostels, to refer to budget hotels - which are also casas de huéspedes, pensiónes et lodgings.

Most of the time, it is better to take advantage of Chausséy when traveling with friends or family. The price per person then becomes very interesting.

It is customary to pay in advance for the first night, or, in more chic hotels, to leave your passport or the imprint of your payment card. In principle, you must vacate the room at 1 noon or 12 p.m. (in general, you can leave your luggage at reception).

- In the center of the big cities and in all the towns we find a crowd of'' inexpensive to mid-price hotels, without great luxury but with sufficient comfort. The prices depend on several factors: presence or not of a private bathroom (generally hot water, but not always), number of beds (single, queen, king size), fan or air conditioning, TV or not. Rooms with 2 beds (doble or twin) are almost always more spacious than those with 1 bed (matrimonial), but also more expensive. In high altitude areas, heating is rarely available.

- The hôvous, the most sought-after decoration, in short, we reach more or less international standards. Special mention for haciendas et colonial hotels, historic places which retain the charm and, sometimes, the period furniture. The prices are not necessarily exorbitant. In addition, some regularly post discounts on their website.


On the seaside Amécars (trailers). They are also found, to a lesser extent, on the Mayan Riviera. These are often old vacant lots or spaces that are not very attractive to the simple camper.
Elsewhere, some AJs and cabañas by the sea have more or less equipped spaces for campers.

On the other hand, for safety reasons, wild camping is strongly discouraged (never sleep on the beach).

Where to sleep cheap in Mexico?

A very economical solution is to buy a hamac, especially for traveling to the coast or to Yucatán. Some campsites (in the Lacandon forest for example), cabañas and hotels provide spaces to hang them, either under a palapa (palm hut), or even in the bedroom. It is sometimes possible to rent them, but this provision is becoming rare.

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