Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Los Angeles

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Los Angeles

It is highly recommended all year round.

In the United States, prices vary according to the filling rate, which partly depends on the tourist season.

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Where to sleep in Los Angeles?

If you plan to travel between the beach and Downtown and not too far from UCLA, Universal Studios or even Beverly Hills, it will be suitable for fans of the disconnected.
Those who own a car will not neglect the quieter neighborhoods either: Little armenia, Koreatown ou East Hollywood, provided you have had dinner before going back to bed ...

As in all major American cities, the price of the rooms depends on the law of supply and demand, the season, scheduled events, etc.
Also variables, the taxes applied to the price of rooms, which can range from 12% (at a campsite) to almost 20% in some hotels in Santa Monica, for example.

In the hotels $ 30 per day, to which you will have to add the parking fees (between $ 20 and $ 45 per night depending on the hotel but you can also park elsewhere for less often), which in the end considerably increases the bill .

If you come in summer, which is high season, book several months in advance normally guarantees you better rates.

Sleep in Venice and Santa Monica

Despite the high rates, Santa Monica is not a bad plan for a long stay in Los Angeles, because the points of interest are within easy reach of public transport, which avoids taking back your car and therefore paying for parking on each trip. Here, it smells like a vacation, you can cycle, stroll along the beach, do skateboard or Rollerball and survey the city in electric scooter... without forgetting the surf, of course ! Change of scenery guaranteed.

It takes 15 minutes between the car and their hotel because there are large parking lots at $ 8 for 24 hours. Note, however, that the taxes applied to accommodation are lower in Venice than in Santa Monica.

Sleep in Hollywood

Mirage! Hollywood n & rsquo1940, its homeless. Hence the importance of choosing the place where your hotel is located.

In the small perpendicular streets (ie roughly between Highland and Western Avenue), some seedy prostitutes shops and bad boys have even appeared. On the other hand, the western part remained safe and rather chic, although she is not more cheerful than that.

We tell you straight away, despite a large number of hotels, Hollywood is not our favorite area to stay in Los Angeles.

Sleep in Downtown

Long neglected by tourists because of the problems of insecurity that plague some neighborhoods located on its near periphery (Toy District, Skid Row) and whose limits it is sometimes difficult to appreciate, the historic center of Downtown, which develops in high speed, today is no more "fearful" than Hollywood.

There is only less people at nightbecause it is a neighborhood where people work during office hours.

And again, the blossoming of museums, restaurants and trendy bars has really changed the situation in recent years.

In really hot districts, like Florence, Inglewood, as well as in some areas of these same districts (where even the police do not put a wheel), there are no hotels anyway ... Useless, so , to give in to paranoid.

With regard to rapidly changing neighborhoods, type Arts District, where trendy restaurants and bars are emerging, visitors seem to have opted for the Airbnb formula.

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