Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Istanbul

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Istanbul

NEVER DRINK WATER FROM THE TAP. The installations are very old, and there is infiltration in many pipes. Stock up on bottled water before heading back to your hotel (cheaper at kiosks).

Those who are sensitive to daylight will take an airplane mask because the majority of establishments do not have shutters, but simple curtains with more or less opaque windows.

Pensions (Pansiyon) and small hotels

We stay there properly, for around 30-60 € to 2. The prices vary according to the tourist attraction of the district. In addition, each hotel has its good and bad rooms. If possible, ask to see several.
Breakfast is almost always included.

In these small hotels Before accepting a room, the sound insulation is not always great. Earplugs can never leave their passport or identity card at reception.

Charming hotels

The hô80 & eurovous this pleasure, you will not regret it. Most of them have terraces with a view, where it is good to have breakfast or have a drink while lounging.

Youth hostels

In youth hostels, prefort. With a few exceptions (mentioned in the guide), establishments offer breakfast (included in the price).

Little reminder : the prices of hotels for the price of modest accommodation.

It's up to you to take the temperature of the “market” before leaving, in particular by going for a tour of the websites of the addresses we have selected.

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