Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Georgia

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Georgia

The accommodation offer has increased sharply since the country became a recognized tourist destination. She even took the lead, which guarantees to find a room even in high season.


In cities and near tourist sites, many Georgian families offer accommodation in their homes ranging from bed in dormitories to double and family rooms, most often with shared bathrooms.

Almost systematically offered, breakfasts are generally negotiated in addition to the price of the room, as is the case for meals, which can be arranged when there are few restaurants around. The space is shared or not with the family, the kitchen is often accessible.

Well kept, family pensions also provide an opportunity to enjoy the legendary Georgian hospitality. Thus, the most economical accommodation often becomes the most rewarding.

The guesthouses

Many of them retain a family character, but the separation between the private and the public is more marked.

The hostels

Category with the wind in its sails, they are equipped with dormitories, rooms with or without private bathroom and possibly a common kitchen. They offer reservation and organization of transport and excursion services. Some are "connected" as in Tbilisi, oriented to satisfy the gregarious instinct of travelers, more than local immersion like pensions.


Their number has also increased sharply here, especially in the categories of small and “boutique” hotels in towns and tourist sites.

Note that the level of services remains a little uncertain, just like the prices, even if the current competition draws their ratios upwards. The superior and luxury categories remain mainly confined to Tbilisi and the shores of the Black Sea (Batumi region).

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