Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation French Polynesia

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation French Polynesia

The mediocre l & rsquoprix. Here are some ways to remedy the problem.

Family pensions

This formula, which is similar to rural lodgings, is in the spotlight throughout the territory, and it is undoubtedly the best choice to meet Polynesians. Pensions, there are everywhere, on all the islands, or almost, at fair prices.
There are officially 2 categories of pensions:

- The bedrooms and guest fares (bungalows), in a garden, by the sea or on stilts.

The lower the category, the less hot water is guaranteed. Sheets are provided, but towels and soap are rarely provided, so come equipped!

It is possible to dî and payable in cash. In general, home cooking is fair to good, but this can vary (a bit like the comfort and decor of the rooms).

One last detail, which should not surprise you: the rooms often do not have a lock.

Most guesthouses offer excursions (hiking with your feet in the water ...).


This often comes with an excellent welcome as a bonus.

Paying dearly does not mean being assured of having high-end services. Only very upscale hotels provide impeccable service, but one would be tempted to say that, at this price, it really is the least of it. The highest prices, in the fare on stilts anchored on the lagoon, often include the use of a outrigger canoe!

In the chic category, there are establishments that have been renovated and those that are not. Although some progress has been made in recent times, there is still room for improvement.

Some hotels also offer beautiful tables, with menus featuring freshly caught fish, local fruits and vegetables.


First of all, a bad prerequisite: no youth hostel affiliated with the international network exists in French Polynesia ... However, there are low-budget accommodation options in some campsites and guesthouses, which have more or less rudimentary dormitories , generally with access to a shared kitchen and sanitary facilities.

Often these dorms are in fact mini-rooms, without services or fans - some to be alone (e).

Camping site

Often in the pension garden. Some are located by the sea, the feet (in the water)! On the most organized sites, there is usually a shared kitchen and sanitary facilities. Again, the water is most likely to be cold.


The floating hotel industry is well represented in Polynesia.

You can stay on a (great) luxury liner, or join an organized cruise on a sailboat or catamaran. Some cruises aboard comfortable catamarans are themed: diving, ecotourism, "Robinson" cruise ...

Formula in full development, nautical charters, on monohull sailboats or catamarans, allow you to explore the lagoons, to indulge in fishing, to make day trips ... This formula is mainly found in the Society Islands.

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