Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Fiji Islands

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Fiji Islands

For an idea of ​​average rates, see the budget in Fiji.

Small budgets

An exception that confirms the rule in the Kingdom of the South Seas, Fiji is not content with offering (great) luxury hotel complexes. You can also find accommodation there easily with a small budget. A miracle appreciated at its true value.

Okay, don't rely too much on the camping : In Fiji, this option, very limited, is hardly practiced except on bits of land of some of the establishments for backpackers, but at prices hardly lower than those of the dormitories, risk of rain in addition! Wild camping is, for its part, more than forbidden: it would be offensive to the villages on whose land you would settle (all private).

Among the best plans, there are locals who frequent this type of accommodation - particularly well represented on the south coast of Viti Levu. Some are more festive, others more intended for relaxation, but most offer a whole range of activities (horse riding or mountain biking, beach sports, etc.).

Know that we find this kind of affordable places even in the small islands of Mamanucas, which one would imagine reserved for billionaires! This is the case, for example, of the famous Beachcomber Island Resort, nestled on its island as large as a pocket handkerchief, surrounded by an immense carpet of white sand and planted with a large bunch of coconut palms. There is a bed in a dormitory starting at only 41 F $, with canoes, kayaks and diving mask on loan!

Other tracks:

  • Ratu Kini's Backpackers and Dive Resort, also located in the Mamanucas
  • Barefoot Kuata Island
  • Coralview Island Resort, in the neighboring Yasawas
  • The Caqalai Island Lodge, on the islet of the same name, just off Ovalau (you can camp there)
  • On the beautiful island of Taveuni, at the friendly Maravu Taveuni Lodge

Finally, in town and on the south coast of Viti Levu, we should point out motels and small family hotels - often run by Indians - very affordable but often a little dated and unevenly clean.

Luxury accommodation and big budgets

If, already, you had the choice with a limited budget, then you will be spoiled for choice! A large number of visitors spin in a straight line towards Port Denarau, a luxury enclave built around a marina at the very gates of Nandi (south side) and not far from its airport. The lawn is mowed in the military, the coconut palms impeccably combed and the air conditioning more than assured in the fifteen establishments of large international chains distributed around the central golf course.

More chic still, the resorts (hotel complexes) of the private islands are for some very exclusive clientele, commonly juggling dollars (or rubles). We go there by private boat or helicopter, to stay in luxury homes with plunge pool (private swimming pool to cool off). Sometimes, you will even be asked in advance for your favorite cocktail and music to prepare them just before your landing ...

To be continued: the honeymoon dinner on a newly emerged sandbank, with lobster and champagne. A bit cliché, but memorable.

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