Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Dubai

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Dubai

Dubai is still far from being a backpacker destination. To stay in Dubai, it is better to plan a good budget, because the prices charged by the hotels remain high. Dubai has set up a classification that distinguishes between "budget hotels", resorts, other rooms, youth hostels, rentals ...

Youth hostel

The Youth Hostel Association is the cheapest address in Dubai. Nothing special, but it helps out well. From 200 Dh per night in a single room, 250 Dh per night in a double room, breakfast included. To find even cheaper prices, you have to move away from Dubai a bit: in Sharjah, the neighboring city, the night in a dormitory is 65 Dh.

Otherwise, there are 2 AJs affiliated to the Hostelling International network in Dubai.


With more than 400 hotel establishments, Dubai is rather well provided. And the projects in progress will further increase hotel capacity. Hoping that prices in the emirate will one day come down ...

L & rsquoville at the famous Burj Al Arab.

The apartments

For long stays, it is possible to rent an apartment in a hotel. It is cheaper than being in a hotel, but it is rather reserved for businessmen on a mission, because the prices remain high.

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