Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Copenhagen

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a nice city.

- An important reminder: more and more hotels and youth hostels modulate their prices depending on the occupancy rate. So there are the base prices and promotions offered on their site. Prices are constantly changing, from week to week, or even from day to day.

The youth hostels

La international card youth hostels is not compulsory to stay in a Danish AJ, but it gives the right to 10% reduction per night.
It is cheaper to buy your card in France. For a year, count 160 Dk.
In Copenhagen, the AJs are often packed, even after August 15th. Reservation imperative and only via Internet.

They usually serve a hearty breakfast. The maximum prices for nights in the AJ are fixed by the general body, but the variations are important according to the period and the situation.
For one night in dorm room, count between 100 and 250 Dk, sometimes more. Dormitories are less and less popular in Denmark. Some AJs don't even have them anymore! Or they refuse to rent a single bed, especially out of season.
A Double room returns between 300 and ... 1 Dk!

Always a lot of comfort (even charm) in Danish AJ, in reserve. However, there are not often double beds.
The sleeping bag is forbidden everywhere. You must therefore have your bag of meat, or rent sheets on site (generally count 70 Dk). Many YOs also have lockers to store things, so remember to bring a padlock.

The sleep-in

In principle, these “municipal” AJs (few in number), intended for the most broke, only provide the bare minimum. In fact, they usually offer dormitories with bunk beds and sometimes also double rooms. Good atmosphere overall, but be careful of your business ...
Often a little less expensive than the official AJ (no need for a card) and often less well maintained. Count between 140 and 190 Dk per bed.


There are many campsites in the more or less distant surroundings of Copenhagen, most of them very well equipped. Almost everywhere you can find equipped kitchens, 1 or 2 washing machines with dryers and, systematically, toilets with hot water. The shower is often paid. Some also provide campers with freezers. And, almost everywhere, there are facilities for children.

A large number of campsites have up to the age of 12. In most cases, you have to plan for cleaning costs.

ATTENTION, IMPORTANT: to have access, everyone must have their own card. It is valid in all Nordic countries, and even in the rest of Europe. For a one-night stopover, the transit card is available for Dk 35. With 4 "transits", you are entitled to an annual card.

WARNINGS also to certain campsites which could illegitimately claim international membership cards to make you pay extra.

3-star campsites are not (or not much) more expensive than 2-star ones, but their services are significantly higher.

There are very well done regional brochures listing all the campsites.

Sleep under the stars

Wild camping is, in principle, prohibited. In a country concerned about protecting the environment, some regions have set up basic campsites (free or inexpensive), without water, with just pitches for walkers without a motor (cycle tourists, hikers, etc.). Outside these spaces, there is a risk of getting embarked.


Internet promotions: more and more stars).

Obviously, this is only valid if you go directly through the hotel's own website. General online reservation sites take a commission which drives up prices.

L & rsquoétoiles, breakfast generally included. Suddenly, some fall back on chains like Cab Inn, Wake Up and Zleep Hotel: hardly any charm and rooms pafois small, but comfort and cleanliness assured, at fair prices.
Otherwise, be aware that some hotels offer family rooms ... this slightly amortizes the cost!
Prices vary widely depending on the season and the day of the week: in light, depending on the occupancy rate. Finally, note that the rooms are often ridiculously small.


Interesting from an economic point of view, it can also be enriching for the charm of the place and the contact with the household.
Be specified in which district one is accommodated, access by transport, the services offered ... Some B & B only offer single beds, narrow, sometimes placed in length ...

Overall, count from Dk 500 for 2, with breakfast. Again, family rooms have a cost advantage.

A handy site for the whole of Denmark:

Rental of studios and furnished apartments

A particularly interesting formula for families or groups of friends. Alone or in couple, you will find what you are looking for among the studios, but it is really from 4 people that you can rent large apartments at often very attractive prices. Rental per night, week or month.

More info on vacation apartment rentals

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