Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Canada

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Canada

Like everywhere, and even more in Amé with the exception of ski resorts like Whistler and Revelstoke, which were then in full swing.

He's almost essential to book well in advance (sometimes several months), because the tourist season is short.
So be careful if you plan to stay in Banff and the Rockies in general (where the season only runs from around June to September), as well as Pacific Rim National Park, and even Vancouver.
No problem, however, in large cities, the room occupancy rate fluctuates more according to the congresses.

Camp Sites

Canada is one of the best organized countries in June and October), when it is not September.

It exists 3 kinds of campsites : the private grounds which, in Canada, can have the format of d & rsquocar (full hook-up) in the most comfortable.
A downside, the ground of the sites is often gravel, not ideal for tents, therefore.

Private registration or self-registration). A ranger comes later to do the accounts.
Some campsites also rent “minichalets” (called cabins).

Some national park campsites also offer Otentiks, a kind of lodge tents for 4 people with bunk beds, table, electrical outlet and auxiliary heating (about $ 120 per night, fire permit included).

  • ReBritish).

Youth hostels

Canadian AJs Are Often Great (warm, well-equipped), but in large cities where the best neighbor with the worst ... Price: from $ 30 to $ 50 per night in a dormitory, sheets and towels generally included. In all of them, you will find an equipped kitchen and common areas. Many also offer private rooms, a little cheaper than hotels but often less comfortable. They generally share sanitary facilities, but some, more expensive, have their own bathroom. Outside the cities, it is not uncommon that you can also plant your little "Canadian" there.
The services are inexpensive: coin-operated laundry, various shuttles, excursions ...

In the hostels say "you have to pay 10% more if you are not in possession of the Hostelling International card." Members benefit from a 10% discount on the prices displayed ($ 25, valid for 1 year; it can be purchased in the AJs of the HI network). In all cases, reservation recommended on the Hostelling Canada website.
There no age limit to stay in AJ.

Gîtes, B & B and guest rooms

B & Bs are popular in Canada! It is definitely more charming and friendly what hotel. Firstly, because you will most often be with a welcoming family; then because everything is there obviously more custom that in a hotel, not to mention that some B & B are housed in beautiful Victorian (or "historic", even if everything is relative) mansions; finally, because the breakfast, generally very generous, is included in the price.

Just a downside: given the care that some owners bring to their home, and the charm which often results from this, there are many addresses in the "more chic" category. In general, this is totally justified, but, suddenly, these B & B are not within the reach of all budgets ... Another drawback: it is often necessary book well in advance in summer, and the cancellation conditions are very disadvantageous.

There are a lot of associations dealing with accommodation for travelers in B & B, and tourist offices can also find one for you.

Hotels and motels

Most HOUSES: comfortable, functional but not overwhelming and with a small fridge. It often happens that a room has 2 queen size beds (140 cm) and can thus accommodate up to 4 people. Then count $ 10 to $ 20 per additional person. Breakfast is rarely included in the price.

For motelsIt's the same, except that they tend to rush you to park: we have seen hotels charging up to $ 35 per day!

Well, receptionists almost always ask for a payment card imprint to guarantee extra expenses (even if the bill has been paid in advance via a website or by an agency). It is commonplace.

Renting apartments or houses

An interesting formula for families (more space, the possibility of having meals on the spot representing a significant saving), but for 2, not necessarily much cheaper than a hotel. It all depends once again on the season, which governs the price ranges of hotels, and the standard of accommodation.

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO

Or find your apartment in Canada here.

Exchange of houses or apartments

A holiday formula that is making more and more of the Atlantic. It is a question of exchanging your own accommodation (whether you are owner or tenant) for that of a member of the same organization in the country of your choice, during the holiday period.

  • Intervac
  • Homelink International

See also our file on the exchange of apartments.


HeBritish welcome visitors more and more often, for less than Améboy ranches, like in a real western.
All the ranches are set up on huge land. Never very far from a lake or a river, so we practiceriding randonnée and climbing, But also canoe bathing, Rafting fishing... Some are even open in winter.
You can sleep in a dormitory, in log cabins (log cabins), in the main building or even on a campsite. Possibility of B & B or full board. Avane reservation recommended. Children not always accepted.

There are 2 large categories The working ranches are still active The guest ranches are spéboys are especially there they are then called ranch resorts ou dude ranches.

  • BC Guest Ranchers Association. 

Lodges, chalets and resorts

It is another formula of hecabins (in logs) and all kinds of sports activities are offered there. But this happiness comes at a price ...
Ask for the Accommodation guides and sometimes more precisely Lodges, provided free of charge by the tourist offices.

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