Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Belgium

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Belgium

The whole classic range for accommodation. Many campsites, especially on the coast, in the category of nice, comfortable ... and cheap hotels (mainly in Brussels).

By the way, when you want to flirtatiously unaware.

- Combines interest ... in high-end hotels that cater to business travelers on weekdays. Browse the Internet. Sometimes we can even negotiate before booking.

Breakfast is often included, but increasingly offered as an option; it is generally generous and of good quality.

The price categories are quite variable and depending on:

The guest rooms

Bed and breakfasts are booming, especially in Flanders. It is very regulated, therefore assured comfort, and it allows the contacts. And even in the countryside, you are never far from a big city. Many accommodation units suffered from disaffection with Brussels after the attacks of March 2016 and had to shut down.


1st chainhôvivre of the soil. Classification of 1 to 3 fireplaces and Logis d'Exception according to the level of services and from 1 to 4 casseroles and Distinguished Table for catering.

Youth hostels

We dedicate that. Some AJs are also independent guesthouses and family hotels, with individual or shared rooms. The non-profit organization Youth hostels has launched a preferential rate for families.

Campsites, lodges and homestays

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