Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Australia

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Australia

No difficulty in finding the type of accommodation that suits you: there is something for all tastes and all budgets. From standard hotels to camping (sometimes even free), including youth hostels or homestays.

In Sydney, Melbourne and along the Great Barrier Reef, however, consider book during high season. During this period, camping areas and youth hostels can quickly be taken by storm!

Youth hostels (backpackers)

A solution of choice for travelers at a price (between $ 20 and $ 45 per night in a dormitory with 4 to 16 beds and between $ 55 and $ 120 per person in a double room with or without private bathroom).

There is geTV, a laundromat, computers and wifi (sometimes paying) ... Shared bathrooms and toilets most of the time. Sheets and pillow cases are often provided and some hostels offer a basic breakfast.

Dorms can be mixed (but we warn you before).

No age limit to stay there. If you like your little comfort and your privacy, go your way. Because here you will share everything ... with everyone!

But the backpacker stays a wonderful vector for meeting and getting to know your next traveling companions.

Watch the classifieds boards in each backpacker and do not hesitate to drop yours there for a job search, buy or sell a car ...

Some hostels are affiliated with the YHA international network. If you have a membership card (which costs $ 25 for 1 year), you will be entitled to discounts on your overnight stays (10% on average).

Tip: visit several establishments before making your choice to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some hostels leave much to be desired in terms of cleanliness and comfort, others can be noisy (there are sometimes music bars and even nightclubs): then ask for a room on the highest floors or far from the living spaces.

Good alternative for couples wishing more privacy: book a double room, rather than a bed in a dormitory. The price is quite high, but often lower than that of a hotel, and we take advantage of all the services available.

Finally, watch for evenings free BBQ, pizza night or happy dinner from your hostel. A good plan to eat inexpensively, or even for free!

Camping and caravanning

With its sunny climate (between $ 10 and $ 30 per night) or rent bungalows (cabins) with all modern comforts (between $ 50 and $ 170 per night).

Most parks have outdoor barbecues, shared toilets and showers, swimming pool, connection to electricity ...

There are also free camping and caravanning areas (free camp or rest area) outside the cities, often with sanitary facilities and sometimes even with showers and barbecues.

Possibility of staying there for several nights. Drinking water distribution points are rarer (think of cans or water reserves!). Please note: these areas are often full in high season in the most touristic areas ... Always plan a fallback solution, especially if you arrive in the evening!

List of areas to be found at tourist information centers or in the Camps Australia Wide guide.
Also on the Wikicamps mobile application, paying, but quickly profitable and undoubtedly the most complete with nearly 10 references!

Bed & Breakfast

There are some everywhere on the East Coast. Beachfront bungalows, converted farmhouses, cottages, guest rooms ... You will be spoiled for choice! However, on condition that you pay the price, especially in high season (between $ 100 and $ 300 per night). As the name suggests, breakfast is included.

Tourist information centers can provide you with a list of bed and breakfasts in the area.
Also a generalist website:


Hotels and motels


Charming hotels and inns. High-end hotels and those of large international channels (Accor, Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton ...) are mainly present in large cities (Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Cairns ...).

Regardless of the category chosen, the rooms are generally well equipped (bathroom, TV, air conditioning, fridge, wifi). Most hotels have a swimming pool, a gym, a furnished rooftop and rental services (bike, car, etc.). But the prices go up quickly, even in small towns (between $ 100 and $ 200 per night, for a double room).

For tighter budgets, you can find good deals in cheaper hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn and Ibis. Also do not hesitate to move away from the center. Otherwise, in low season and outside Australian school holidays, a few tips to find, in particular by booking on the Internet.

Finally, interesting promotions, to be gleaned throughout the year on: 

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Motels offer more basic services than hotels, but slightly more attractive rates (double room from $ 60 per night).

Good deal: quadruple rooms (with two double beds) are sometimes almost the same price as doubles.


British culture obliges, it is a real institution in Australia and a good alternative to hotels and youth hostels! Some pubs offer a few bedrooms upstairs: their prices are rather attractive (between $ 30 and $ 40 per night per person) even if the comfort can sometimes be minimalist (narrow bedroom, shared bathroom or sanitary facilities).

Don't be too fussy about sound insulation, either. When you know that most pubs organize concerts in the evening ... You've been warned!

Rental and colocation of apartments

Idéfi, etc.) with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Good value for money, especially in low season (between $ 80 and $ 200 per night). With many, it becomes really interesting.

Advice: opt for shared accommodation! Australians are fans of it and often offer to rent a room in their apartment or house for a week or two. A cheap solution (less expensive than renting) and ideal for a taste of local life.

Take a look at the classifieds in daily newspapers or billboards and even on Facebook, where there are many pages dedicated to the roommate, city by city.

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A good opportunity boy or bush pioneer. We get our hands dirty by taking care of the livestock, repairing the fences, preparing the farmer's stand for the market ... Good to know: most farms claim an ecological, or even alternative, lifestyle.

There is only one condition for obtaining the addresses of the participating structures: you must pay an annual subscription of $ 70 via the wwoof site. You then get a membership number and the complete directory of farms to contact.

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