Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Albania

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Albania

The (local) stars, often recent, offer fairly good value for money. In Tirana, this is not the case: the prices are significantly higher (almost double).

Be aware that outside of high-end establishments, water cuts and, above all, electricity cuts are not uncommon.


Deci is however very useful in summer (and heating from autumn to spring).

Old communist hotels have sometimes been renovated, sometimes not: sleeping there is almost like a cultural experience! Most of the beds are single and narrow. Usually you will find someone who speaks at least a little English, or Italian. If you are driving, preferably choose an establishment with closed parking.

It is advisable to book, and to have the price of the night confirmed upon arrival.

Homestay rooms

To meet the Albanians, nothing beats a room with the locals. This option is still in its infancy, but you will regularly see signs indicating Dhoma or Me quera in tourist areas. In the villages you can ask the people you will meet.

In most cases, the bathroom is shared with the family, but some guesthouses have been remodeled so that there is one for each guest. The nicer ones are housed in old houses, like in Gjirokastër. Count between 20 and 30 €.


On the Riviera, you can rent apartments with one or two bedrooms and a kitchenette. Owners pre-August, you shouldn't have too much trouble convincing them for a shorter stay.

Youth hostels

The youth hostel spreads to the rest of the country. The Tirana Backpacker Hostel, as well as the Hostel Albania, in the capital, are in the heart of the city, in charming houses from the 1940s. For the Hostel Albania, in high season (from June to October), 11 or 12 € per person per night in a dormitory, and € 15 per person per night in a double room.

In addition, the Albania Youth Hostels Association has opened several AJs affiliated to the Hostelling International network. There is one in Berat (11 € per night). To be continued.

Camping site

As with the AJs, there are more and more campsites. There are at least twenty of them. The prices are very affordable: it takes between 10 and 17 € per night for 2 people, in high season with a caravan. Apart from those of Shkodra (Lake Shkodra Resort) and Himarë (Livadh), located opposite the beach, most of the campsites are quite poorly placed.

Some opt for wild camping, but it's officially banned and you could theoretically end up with a fine (or at least a bribe) to pay. However, by remaining discreet and asking permission from locals, it may be possible.

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