Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Abu Dhabi

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Abu Dhabi

For an idea of ​​average prices, see the budget in Abu Dhabi.


It is, in truth, the only real option for lodging in Abu Dhabi. In the city itself, the choices are numerous, which is less true in the rest of the emirate.

If your budget doesn & rsquo; local stars, the rooms admittedly generally spacious, but rarely very recent, or even extremely clean. It is not uncommon for this type of establishment to be noisy and for the wifi to be capricious (or even available only at reception). However, English is still spoken there and the air conditioning is still available. This type of hotel is not the most common.

For a few euros or dozens of local stars - by comparing prices, advantages and disadvantages on the search engines of different wholesalers (Booking, etc.). There, in the capital, the choice is plethoric and comfort generally assured for a still reasonable price - on condition, of course, to avoid periods of seminars, fairs and major sporting events. You might even end up with a nice luxury hotel for less than $ 100 a night.

Some establishments offer both rooms and apartments - rented by the day or for short periods.

Outside the cities and on the beaches, a different type of quobling and more or less superfluous services. There you, for example, of a suite of 1120 m² at 100 Dhs per night, with 000 bedrooms and as many bathrooms, a dining room, a private spa and a cinema, all at the top of the St Regis located on the Corniche, with a 4 ° view of the marina…? Some establishments even rent entire villas.

Youth hostels

Sorry, no hostels in Abu Dhabi. However, they are found in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah.


Camping site

We can't really say that the camping option is on the priority list.

There is only one landscaped site in the emirate, at Mubazzarah Park in Al Ain (where there are also hot springs and cabins), but local expatriates and adventure TOs do not disdain to pitch the tent. on certain beaches, like that of Al Dhafra (nice for snorkelling), in the dunes of Liwa, or in wild corners like the "forest" of garf (the national tree) of Al Hayer (between Al Ain and Dubai).

For the rest, the areas explored are more to the east of the UAE (Hadjar mountains, Oman, etc.), or conventionally in the red sands of Lahbab (Dubai).

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