Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels London

Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels London

It is very difficult to find a cheap roof and reservation in advance is almost compulsory.
In summer, most of the AJ or modest addresses are full. Remember to require a receipt or a written response formalizing your request to avoid any misunderstanding.
Avoid canceling your reservation 1 or 2 days before, otherwise the amount of the room will be debited from your account.

The hotels or even cleanliness sometimes limit.
Prices vary according to the season and the occupancy rate of the hotel, the more you do in advance, the less you pay. Some hotels offer discounts on the Internet.

One solution is to have a bed or a room reserved by the many organizations whose job it is, for a fee. All Tourist Information Center (TIC) have a reservation service.

Finally, a small detail: an en-suite bedroom has a private bathroom, a standard room does not.

Cheap hotels on the Internet

Here are some sites that offer rooms from £ 12, with certain conditions. Student atmosphere and festivities guaranteed!

  • Find your cheap hotel in London with our great hotel deals.
  • Accommodation London
  • Travelstay
  • Houseworld

Serviced apartments

Very practical, these réville.
The chains in London, very well equipped. Please note, cleaning is often done on demand (paying). We also liked the Native apartment chain. Several addresses in London. The apartments are bright, functional and nicely decorated.

See also the Sweet Inn chain, with addresses of rather upscale apartments throughout Europe, including around thirty in London. A good alternative between a hotel and independent rental, because we benefit from all hotel services, and each address is spacious enough to accommodate families or small groups of friends.

Independent Youth Hostels

Unlike the official AJs, they do not have the green triangle. We do not care. They are less expensive than the official AJs, they do not require a membership card and the atmosphere is often much more festive. Often located in pleasant corners and installed in very beautiful bourgeois houses.
We stay in dormitories with 4 to 15 beds. Prices range from around £ 12-20 per person.

The LHA (The London Hostels Association)

We stay in single-sex dormitories for 2 to 6 single-sex people. The LHAs offer 2 types of hotels: those offering breakfast and snacks, and those equipped with a shared kitchen. Count around £ 22 to £ 30 for a bed, much cheaper per week. It is not always easy to get a bed in a dormitory for one night. They provide shelter and cover for a little time and labor. They are all equipped with wifi. A very good plan for London.

Official Youth Hostels

- In this category, we find all the AJ with dormitories accessible to small budgets. But most also have private rooms, family or not. In this case, the prices go up in the category "Average prices", but it can remain a real good plan. We still recommend comparing prices with hotels.

- There is no age limit for staying in AJ. You just have to be a member.

- The FUAJ offers its members the possibility of booking online thanks to its international reservation system.

  • We should also mention the Central Booking Office YHA.

The studenthalls

In principle, reserved for students (have their card), but they often accept everyone. These are university residences, empty at Easter and during the summer. Not really cheap, but well maintained. Count £ 25 per person.

Bed & Breakfast

Some B & B are not more expensive than the AJ when there are 3 of you in the summer and you don't have your (AJ) card. And the rates can be decreasing when you stay several days. Breakfast is always included in the price, but a lot of B & B's are abandoning the English breakfast in favor of the continental breakfast ... Yet this is one of the main differences that we love among the British!
Very variable prices. The prices of “more chic” B & B's immediately reach incredible levels!

  • The London Bed & Breakfast Agency Limited

Colocation for students

There are very decent weekly rentals at attractive prices for London. Call early, because there are a lot of requests. You can also place your ad for free. Another solution is to scan classified ads, especially in tobacco shops.

  • SpareRoom for flatshare
  • studios92.com
  • Acorn, accomodation in London
  • Phileas Frog

Please note, no less than 7 days and no more than 6 months. But nice encounters in perspective, the atmosphere of the Spanish Inn, English version!

Rental of private apartments

  • GuestReady: It is a concierge company that manages a hundred properties for rent in the English capital. We welcome you on site on arrival, and meet you at the end of your stay.
  • Phileas Frog: Offers different types of accommodation to rent or share (rooms, studios, apartments) in zones 1 and 2 of the London Underground, or homestays in zones 1, 2, 3 and 4. Only for stays of 1 week to 1 year. Also book hotel rooms (categories 1 to 3) from 2 nights.

Chain hotels

It is not in our practice to advise you this type of sled from £ 80 to and the prices change according to the period and the filling rate.

These include Travelodge, Premier Inn, Best Western, Comfort Inn ...

  • See the best hotels and accommodations in London, our favorite selection of addresses

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