Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels Iceland

Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels Iceland

If you are going in July-August, it is strongly recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially in Reykjavík, in the South (area of ​​Vatnajökull in particular), around the lake Mývatn and in Akureyri. Otherwise, it may be wise to take a small tent or a sleeping bag, for troubleshooting ...

The sleeping bag is 20% IMPÉ30). This form of hebag accommodation.

This formula is sometimes possible all year round, but very often in the most touristic areas, where hotels and guesthouses are full in summer, it is only available in low season, or depending on availability.


The best way to reduce your budget!

We find municipal and private campsites ISK 2 per person, shower usually included.

Wild camping is forbidden in the protected natural areas. You are obliged to park in a campsite.

Côc. and 2 slings (paying). In many cases, showers are also chargeable (coin-operated, with a timer), and we specify this in the text.

More and more campsites are acquiring bungalows, chalets, cabins or cottages, in any case solid accommodation, generally in wood, for 2 to 10 people, where you can sleep with your duvet or sheets provided. The best-equipped (with bathroom and kitchen) are often as expensive or more expensive than a guesthouse, but you have your own little house, convenient for families or small groups. The most basic ones can be a good alternative to the tent on heavy rainy days!

humidity is the camper's first enemy and, as you have probably already understood, the Icelandic climate is not always the most lenient (euphemism!). You need a strong and really waterproof tent, which can withstand a little violent gusts on land often without any protection (hedges and shrubs are rare). If you don't have a car to put your things in, get a tent big enough to store your bags inside, or with an awning.

L & rsquopoubelle, solid and waterproof too, are very, very precious for packing everything at night or in the luggage compartment of coaches.

For reserve. A good plan is to have a multi-fuel stove.

If you plan to camp a lot, the Camping Card is useful for you.

- Good at11, post offices and tourist offices.

Converted vans

It is THE popular travel mode in Iceland.

All of this Combis amécars, they are also more affordable: count on average 100-280 € per rental day for 2 people, between June and August, half the price the rest of the year.

There are larger models, which can accommodate up to 5 people. You are free to choose a model that is a bit larger if you are traveling together, so as not to feel too cramped. If that seems expensive to you, take a look at the price of a hotel room, the calculation is quickly done.

Be careful though, wild camping remains prohibited with these vehicles and you will therefore have to park in the evening in a campsite.

Inside, we usually find: a 2-seater mattress with pillows, a table and 2 folding chairs, a kit for cooking (stove, dishes, saucepan, stove), water containers ...

The price also varies depending on the options: unlimited mileage or not, additional driver, insurance, additional equipment.


There are many shelters guarded (often by students, seasonal) in the desert interior of the country. Variable in size, very clean, they are more or less well equipped, sometimes with showers (at an additional cost) and a kitchenette.

Reservation is more than recommended in summer, but also out of season to ensure their opening.

- Good to know: it is always possible to camp next to the guarded refuge, but in this case, you should not expect to access the kitchen or the showers ... All services are chargeable.

- There are also refuges on marked hiking trails linking the large guarded refuges. The key is obtained from the guards.

The following 2 organizations manage the shelters:

  • Iceland Touring Association 
  • Outdoor Life Touring Club

- The rates : there 7 ISK. You can also become a member of Útivist (approx 000 ISK for the year) and benefit from significant discounts on each night. Access to the campsite is also free for members.

Youth hostels

It is one of the friendliest and cheapest ways to stay in Iceland, especially since you can almost always cook and wash your clothes there. Most of the AJs have both dormitories and double, triple or family rooms, sometimes with bathroom, which often have nothing to envy to those of guesthouses.

Some AJs are very far from the main road or the center and, therefore, difficult to reach for those who do not have a vehicle. Those in the “big” cities are open almost all year round, but the others only operate in summer or part of the year.

The prices we indicate for each of the AJs in the guide are those for non-members. Count 10-15% of reservation ”, on the model of guesthouses. No reception and a code at the entrance, provided when booking. We lose a little in friendliness

  • Icelandic Youth Hostels Association

The guesthouses

There are all kinds of guesthouses. The most "authentic" are those where the owners live (like bed and breakfast), but some have become downright small hotels with prices to match. The most affordable guesthouses are those that accept travelers with their sleeping bag.

Of course, the level of comfort is not the same: shared bathroom, fairly basic equipment, breakfast not included, etc. That said, the general dress is most often satisfactory (especially in the addresses we have selected!). We have in most cases access to a shared kitchen and, frequently, at a salon.
Note: the sleeping bag accommodation is rarely available in areas with high demand in summer, or only subject to availability and therefore without reservation. In winter, no problem finding an accommodation sleeping bag.

- If you take a room with "beds made", you will quickly see that in Iceland we do not make common duvets, it is every man for himself. We find more often twin beds (separated) than double, with a standard width of 80 cm (compared to 90 cm in France).

Finally, even in a basket ... without ever seeing a living soul.

Accommodation on the farm

C & rsquopays ... when the farm in question is still a real farm. Because we are more and more dealing with guesthouses in the countryside, which in itself is not unpleasant, but the term "on the farm" is then overused ...

In "active" farms, we are accommodated either in the family house or in a separate building. There are several levels of comfort there, but most often the rooms are simple, with almost always a bathroom to be shared. In some cases, you can rent chalets or bungalows (interesting for small tribes), or even pitch your tent next door.

Most farms offer dinner (on reservation), which is almost obligatory if the place is isolated ... In some farms, you can sometimes enjoy a breakfast of anthology! A kitchen is sometimes available. In addition, some farms offer activities such as fishing or horse riding.

  • Icelandic Farm Holidays (Hey Iceland), which brings together some 170 rural accommodation (including not only farms, but also small hotels and bungalows), publishes a brochure with all the information and a description of each establishment.

Edda hotels

Edda hotels are schools in which tourists take the place of boarders during the summer vacation, from the beginning of June to the second half of August. There are a dozen in total on the whole island.

The interior is rather well equipped: cafeteria, gymnasium, sometimes swimming pool ...

The bedrooms are almost all based on the same model: a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a basta. Afterwards, we choose between common sanitary facilities (generally well kept) or private.
There are also Edda Plus, with rooms that have nothing to envy those of an upper-middle-range hotel.

Anyway, it comes down to about the same price as a guesthouse or a hotel.

The downside of Edda hotels: the lack of charm, the lack of a kitchen available (but there is usually a cafeteria) and breakfast not included.


They are not, however, the debuffet price is usually included in the price. This allows you to save on the lunch break if you fill your stomach well!

In short, these are places most often functional, frequent in this guide, mainly those which, precisely, above or which represent the only option for miles around (except in terms of prices, there it is the same everywhere !).

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