Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels Croatia

Where to sleep, accommodation and hotels Croatia

Camp Sites

According to official statistics, more than a quarter of tourists visiting Croatia go camping. October. These are more often large tourist complexes with restaurants, tourist discos, it is not uncommon to see regulars book a plot in advance. Large campsites are generally very expensive (in August, up to around fifty euros for two, per night!), To such an extent that a room at the inhabitant can finally seem quite cheap next door!

We count you one registration fee (prijara) in August (they are cheaper the other months). There may also be a tax for insurance (osiguranje) ... Obviously, the shorter the stay, the more these taxes weigh in the overall price.

Naturist campsites (indicated by the acronym FKK) are numerous on the coast and most often have quiet pitches, away from towns or villages but accessible only by vehicle.

There are also a multitude of small, rather confidential campsites, sometimes called the sunshine thing, because the thin leaves of the olive trees will often provide the only shaded spaces. There are about 300 in Croatian territory.

Please note, it is difficult to find refills for camping gas (look for stores with the sign Plin or Gass on the front).

Homestay rooms

It is undoubtedly the most economical and pleasant way to find accommodation. In tourist areas, it is not very difficult to find one, as the small signs "Sobe", "Zimmer", "Rooms" follow one another. This type of accommodation represents no less than 55% of the country's accommodation capacity. Sometimes on the islands, room owners wait for tourists when the boat arrives. You can then visit several rooms. However, some “on the fly” rental companies are not official, and therefore not insured. Always ask to see the room before accepting.

- private travel agencies therefore take a commission, which drives up the price of the room. Prices vary according to comfort, location and, in some regions, the season.
Thus, for a standard double room with bathroom, count from 200 to 400 Kn (28 to 56 €) per day; and for a studio or an apartment, from 100 to 300 Kn (14 to 42 €) per person.

Please note, in high season, most owners only accept accommodation for at least 3 nights, or they increase the price of accommodation by 20 to 30% for 1 or 2 nights.

You are also unaware of certain practices: it happens that the owner of sobe accepts your reservation when it is in fact full. On your arrival, you will be sent to a neighbor or cousin ...

Youth hostels

Until fairly recently, there were relatively few AJs in Croatia, as they were limited to a dozen official AJs. Today, independent AJs are popping up everywhere and in some cities such as Zagreb, Split or Zadar, the offer has become abundant.

For the most part, Official AJ request the international membership card. If you have not purchased this card in your country of origin, you can buy a stamp on site per night (10 Kn each, i.e. € 1,40): after six nights, this temporary card is equivalent to the membership fee. annual. You can even buy all 6 stamps at once, and voila!
The decor is neutral and functional, the comfort is uneven and, most often, the atmosphere is lacking. These hostels nevertheless offer different packages, from single rooms with bathroom to dormitories with bathroom facilities in the hallway. If there is sometimes a restaurant or a cafeteria, they are rarely equipped with a kitchen. As elsewhere, tourist tax required.

L & rsquoville.


From the old hôéy àpension.
In high season, it is almost compulsory to book in very touristy towns.
Be careful, if you are just passing through for one night, the bill will often be increased by 20 to 30%.

Remember that thewe make you pay a tourist tax (around 1 € per person per day) and sometimes also a registration fee !


An agency (Adriagate) offers accommodation in lighthouses spread all along the coast, or, more exactly, offshore ... More or less easy access depending on the distance. Under the Habsburgs, around 65 were built and around ten are now available for rental. In general, they are rented from Saturday to Saturday.

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