Where to go out New York

Where to go out New York

An important part of the Quoyorkaise, the nightlife of the "Yorker" has even been supplanted by Williamsburg, in Brooklyn. From now on, it is Bushwick or Greenpoint which are the new frontiers of the night! And what about the rebirth of Harlem, which once again offers an extraordinary musical life?

Most bars are open until 2 a.m. or even 4 a.m., even on weekdays! In addition, the after hours clubs are open until 8 am, although the sale of alcohol ceases at 4 am, while the "last call for alcohol" (last alcoholic drink served) is at 1 am in the other discos. Paradoxically, the best exit plans are sometimes during the week ...

For a few years now, deep down. Some therefore accept reservations, a shame! It must be said that the decor, mostly vintage Art Deco, is neat, the jazzy atmosphere electric, and the cocktails as successful as they are original.

Other places with terraces), bars (often trèciel and terrace in the open air. Originally present mainly in Midtown, one finds more and more Downtown or Brooklyn.

In contrast to these top bars, the beer gardens (or beergardens) in German take place in an interior courtyard where we serve, with a lot of pretzels and imbiss, a whole range of beers in XXL mugs.

More classic, Irish pubs are located in almost all neighborhoods. Some are over 200 years old, real historical monuments! We often elbows to access the counter, in a roaring atmosphere.

Finally, dive bars, these somewhat crappy neighborhood harbors are making a comeback among night owls tired of too sophisticated establishments and soaring prices 

Obviously for all that, you must be 21 years old over, because drinking age is severely enforced in New York State! Always have your ID on you. Some places serving alcohol even prohibit access to those under 25, and even accompanied by adults.
Gross mode, a cocktail costs between $ 13 and $ 20, or even $ 25 in a chic and trendy bar, and the beer $ 5 to 12.

The end). The Lower East Side and East Village concerts and Harlem clubs.

Côyorkaise is in constant effervescence, dozens of concerts make the city vibrate every evening, in all styles. gardist, in chic clubs as in cellars. The best neighborhoods to listen to: Harlem, Greenwich and Theater District.

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