Where to go on a trip for the New Year?

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5 destinations to celebrate New Year's Day

It's the same thing every year! Many people wonder what the hell they are going to do on New Year's Eve. Dine, evenings, or just stay in front of the sofa. Nothing very appealing, is it? However, when you look well, you can easily find weekends abroad at reasonable prices. Here is our selection of destinations for go to celebrate the new yeareven at the last minute!

In Barcelona, ​​party the night away

Only 1h30 from Paris, the capital of Catalonia offers you multiple places to celebrate the New Year. You can start your evening in a small restaurant and end it in one of the most popular squares in the city: the Plaça Catalunya. Here you will find a large number of people who have come to have fun, laugh and share.
For those who want to end their evenings in a more musical atmosphere, know that Barcelona offers a wide choice of nightclubs, open until the morning!

In Amsterdam, go for a romantic dinner or a crazy night out

Why not celebrate the New Year in one of the most iconic cities in the Netherlands? Whether real party people or great romantics, Amsterdam is for you. The city offers those who wish to enjoy a good dinner for the New Year. Many restaurants offer special menus to suit all tastes and budgets. The most partiers will choose the bars and discotheques of the city, there also very numerous.

In New York, live the American Dream

Are you interested in the New Year across the Atlantic? So, head to New York for a crazy evening. From 15 pm, thousands of people gather in Times Square and await the “ball drop” which takes place at the stroke of midnight. Once midnight has passed, the city is full of places to extend the party and start the New Year as it should.

In Berlin, the party is in full swing

The most party-goers will opt for Berlin! Especially those who have a small budget. Here, the party starts at 18 p.m. with many concerts. Later in the evening, you can join the tens of thousands of people who gather each year at the Brandenburg Gate to dance, sing and admire the fireworks. Then, direction one of the clubs in the city, Berlin being always one of the European temples of the night party!

In Paris, a chic and classy evening awaits you

No need to go far to celebrate New Year's Day in a beautiful way. Aesthetic and classy, ​​Paris offers you a New Year's Eve worthy of the name. Start with a small glass of champagne in one of the flagship restaurants of the Trocadéro, then head towards the Champ de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, where you can admire the show and fireworks organized every year.

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