Where to go in March? Destinations to wait for the return of spring

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The month of March with its legendary showers makes your mood gloomy? Whether you prefer a holiday in the sun, a romantic or family holiday, a trip to France or to distant lands, go for a change of ideas and discover the destinations that best suit your desires.

Where to go in the sun?

 The sun is shining in the Caribbean in this season when the mercury is close to 30 °. It's time to go to Cuba where it is on average 20 ° to 25 ° in Havana, ideal temperatures for strolling through the colorful streets of the capital or swimming on the beaches of Varadero. Try lazing around or diving in the Maldives. It is still dry season with temperatures between 25 ° and 30 °. Try to unravel the secrets of the Moaïs of the mysterious Easter Island and as you will have to go through Chile to get there, take the opportunity to discover this fabulous country including, among other things, the incredible landscapes of Torres del Paine Park.

Gloriette by the sea in Varadero

Your cheap stay in March

Several destinations are affordable in March, in terms of the price of the trip but also the cost of living there. You will enjoy flights to the United Arab Emirates for around € 220 round trip, to Madeira and its pleasant winter climate for € 117 return or to Tenerife from € 58 return. You will also find flights to Thailand from € 367 round trip without forgetting that everything is 48% cheaper there than in France. For example, in Thailand, with a budget of 40 € per day and per person, you can easily stay in a 3-star hotel with two meals included.

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Family getaway

If the sweetness is gradually returning to Europe, it is undoubtedly the West Indies that you will find the sun you seek to take your little family. Take the direction of Martinique or Guadeloupe where the village clubs are numerous. Your children will also love to go by 4X4 in the Moroccan desert. Morocco is a nearby country, not very expensive, a country where you eat well and where children are king! It's not too hot this season yet, so now is the time to go.

Visit Morocco with the family

Ideas for a romantic getaway in March

Known for being the most beautiful archipelago in the world, the Maldives with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches sound like a dream destination for a romantic getaway. In an idyllic setting, the traditional huts on stilts provide you with an intimate atmosphere, perfect for meeting up. You will experience this same sensation of voluptuousness on the island of Kauai in Hawaii where you will enjoy water activities and admire awe-inspiring sunsets. Treat yourself to a romantic break in the Cyclades before the great summer rush. Couples drawn to nature will also love to relax in Sri Lanka which is full of parks and nature reserves with many activities to share for two.

Maldives, dreams for lovers (cc) Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Where to go in Europe?

In Europe, cold and sleet are on the program with some sunny periods. The beginning of spring is a good season to survey countries in the south from the old continent in particular Italy and the beautiful region of Tuscany with the picturesque town of San Gimignano. Art lovers will take the opportunity to visit Florence. Fewer tourists and mild temperatures (15 ° on average) are the main reasons to discover Italy in early spring. Discover the charm of Spain and cities like Barcelona (provided you forget the beach and swimming), Granada and the beauty of its Alhambra palace, but also Toledo or Seville with its shady streets and succumb to the charm of small Andalusian villages . Want to party ? Go to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17 and attend the big parades.

Old town of Toledo, Spain

What partir en vacances in France?

To escape the vagaries of the weather, escape in the south of France on the side of the Provence. At the end of the month, the Easter Feria also takes place in Arles, the first meeting of the French bullfighting season. The city comes alive for four days with a lot of bullfighting shows and festive evenings. AT Sarlat, capital of Périgord Noir, the first weekend of March puts foie gras in the spotlight with a large traditional market, multiple events intended to discover all the riches of traditional goose cuisine. Throughout the festivities, flocks of geese wander through the medieval city. The Basque Country reveals all its charm in spring. Cover up anyway and take advantage of your stay to stroll through the streets of Biarritz, on the port of Saint Jean de Luz or to take a brief foray into Spain and visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

The Arena of Arles (cc) Lucas Miguel / Unsplash

Asia, your best destinations for March

The summer monsoon has not yet started in India, especially in the south-east and the extreme south where it is late. You still have time to visit this country which will bring you a total change of scenery. It's time to organize a trek in Nepal where the dry season is coming to an end. The sunshine is optimal and the rhododendrons are in full bloom. In Asia, the beginning of our spring lends itself to discovering Cambodia. Koh Ron and Sihanouville, Cambodia's main seaside spots, are perfect for the beach. Plan a stay in the Philippines and Sri Lanka in the southwestern part (Colombo), in Thailand on the beaches of Koh Samui or in the southern part of Vietnam. At the end of March (or even the beginning of April), it is impossible to ignore Japan, which is adorned with a sublime pink coat when the cherry blossoms bloom. A magical show that only lasts a few days but certainly not to be missed! In terms of festivals, India celebrates “Holi”, or festival of colors which marks the entry into spring at the time of the equinox. It is in Mathura (native city of Krishna) that the festivities are most marked. Another major festival in Asia, the festival of 1000 camels in Mongolia in the small village of Bulgan in the south of the country.

A trek in Nepal?

Where to stay in Africa?

In Africa it's time to visit the Benin Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal which displays an average temperature of 27 ° C quite pleasant or Tunisia where even if the sea is still cool, the climate is mild and conducive to exploring the country. It is the right season to visit Egypt and in particular the south not yet crushed by the heat. If you missed the Rio Carnival, catch up with the Mindelo Carnival in Cape Verde, which is more confidential but which attracts more and more people on Mardi Gras. This carnival, whose origins date back to the XNUMXth century, was made famous thanks to the songs of Césaria Evora.

Zitouna Mosque (Tunisia)

Traveling to America in March

In North America, Florida's hot, dry weather provides ideal conditions for touring the country and swimming on Miami's beaches, which are experiencing their peak in frequentation. The Bahamas, the Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Virgin Islands or Barbados, the Pacific coast of Mexico (Acapulco) or Costa Rica are at the best of their tourist season. On the South American side, Peru also offers optimal conditions for travelers in search of adventure and escape. They will set off to explore Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the other wonders of the land of the Incas. There is still time to benefit from favorable weather in Argentina, subject to paying attention to high winds.

Discover Machu Picchu, Peru

Where to go in Oceania?

In Australia, with the exception of the east and north coasts which experience a peak in heat and higher humidity, most Australian cities offer excellent climatic conditions suitable for exploring the country. In New Caledonia and New Zealand this month is one of the driest of the year and an ideal time to visit these destinations on the other side of the world. To Fiji, the heat still persists despite a few scattered showers which refresh the atmosphere. It is on Taveuni Island that you will enjoy the best weather conditions of the entire Fijian archipelago.

Ile aux Pins in New Caledonia (cc) Sébastien Jermer / Unsplash

Waiting for spring ...

Going to March at the start of spring will have a foretaste of vacation while waiting for summer. Do not hesitate to stock up on sun and beautiful memories to wait a little longer before the arrival of sunny days.

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