Where to go in January ? Ideas of destinations to counter winter

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After the holidays, the cold persists in January. It would be pointless to rely on the gray and sad sky of France to cheer up and the good days are still far away. The only real alternative to the gloomy winter is to be found in other sunny latitudes on the five continents but also in France. Some holiday ideas to bounce back in the heart of winter ...

Go to the sun in winter

One of the Caribbean Islands

To find the sun and get away from the hexagonal torpor, it will be necessary to go far, even very far. You will find optimal sunshine in the Caribbean, on the side of Martinique and Guadeloupe to bathe in crystal clear waters and enjoy a stay between golden sand and Creole culture. It is also the heart of summer in Costa Rica and Cuba where you will make a winter break in the land of Salsa. Relax with your feet in the turquoise waters of Mexico and discover the treasures of the Mayan culture. Fancy a summer break in the heart of winter? Dubai, its unconditional blue sky and its futuristic buildings will quickly make you forget our European temperatures.

Cheap destinations in January

Courtyard of Marrakech

To find pleasant temperatures above 20 ° it will be necessary to move away to sunny latitudes at prices not always affordable. With a budget of less than € 500 per person, we forget the sun and distant horizons. However, you can relax and get away from it all at Tenerife and to the Canaries with flights from € 58 round trip or to Morocco for € 28 for a round trip flight. In Marrakech, for example, average temperatures are between 11 ° and 19 °. A very relative softness but always more pleasant than the climate of the Hexagon.

Family travel suggestions

Take a walk on a bridge in Belize

Small family paradise in the caribbean, Belize is home to magnificent beaches, fascinating wildlife and superb playgrounds made from natural pools. The colors and wonders of India will delight young and old alike. India is an incredible destination for the family to reach for its palm-fringed beaches and fantastic national parks where you can see elephants like nowhere else.
The resort complexes of Saint Lucia or those of Guadeloupe have everything planned to accommodate families who will appreciate these paradisiacal sun-drenched islands. Coconut palms, white sand beaches and nautical activities in water at 28 °…. your little tribe will have an unforgettable vacation.

To swim with your family in translucent water at 29 ° / 30 ° in transparent lagoons bordering beautiful beaches, to swim with dolphins and observe the monkeys of the tropical forest, also take the direction of Zanzibar, superb archipelago of the Indian Ocean facing the coast of Tanzania.

Where to go in love?

Sunset on the Taj Mahal

Often chosen for honeymoons, Mauritius is one of the favorite destinations for a romantic getaway. Summer is in full swing in Mauritius, an ideal time to relax on the shores of the Indian Ocean and discover the legendary smile of its inhabitants. Often referred to as the most beautiful archipelago in the world, the Maldives seem obvious to get away for two in pretty traditional huts on stilts.

Lovers will fly to Sri Lanka where 13 parks and nature reserves await them, or to India to discover the famous Taj Mahal. This superb white marble mausoleum was built out of love by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife. This most perfect jewel of Muslim art in India is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the heritage of mankind. 

Ideas for trips to Europe in January

Spanish Steps in Seville in Andalusia

The cold climate, the short periods of sunshine and the very low temperatures of the old continent hardly encourage idleness on the beaches. The preferred destinations in Europe are rather the mountain ranges to enjoy a well-deserved rest in the French, Swiss, Italian, Austrian or Spanish ski resorts.
In January you can also walk in peace in Andalusia where the temperatures although cool (between 9 ° and 16 °) are still very pleasant with rare rains. If you love the circus, don't miss the Budapest International Circus Festival held every two years which brings together world-renowned artists and acrobats.

Where to go to France?

Ski resort in January

The French mountain ranges (Alpes, Pyrenees, Jura…) Will delight winter sports enthusiasts or people wishing to relax and enjoy the fresh air of the French mountains. There are many “winter sports” destinations, the choice is yours among the 352 resorts listed in France. In the heart of winter, events not to be missed are also organized, such as the “Truffle Festival” which takes place every year in mid-January in Sarlat. The black gold of Périgord is celebrated all weekend long with a lot of entertainment and tastings of truffle-based products. 

Asia, the best destinations for January

Rice fields in China

This month is very favorable to go to Thailand to relax on one of the southern islands or to discover the imperial cities of the Kingdom of Siam. Temperatures are just as ideal in Vietnam and southern China (avoid northern China with its freezing climate this season).

Burma and India also ensure mild temperatures and a reduced tourist influx. In India or in Laos, where a change of scenery is guaranteed, you will enjoy almost 10 hours of sunshine per day and average temperatures of 25 °. Sunny discoveries await you in Sri Lanka between tea plantations and coconut palm beaches where the mercury flirts with 27 ° in the air as in the water.

In the Maldives, the first month of the year is ideal for enjoying temperatures of around 30 ° and not being subjected to the vagaries of the monsoon. The only downside is that the prices are a little higher.

At the start of the year, Asia is experiencing a festive period. The Tet Festival celebrated in Vietnam in the last week of January and the Chinese New Year both commemorate the start of the New Year in Asian culture. It is in China that the New Year is celebrated in the most spectacular way, with a lot of costumed parades, parades and fireworks.

Where to go to Africa?

Discover the Sahara

The north of the African continent is still cool at this time of year and remains an ideal destination to discover the Sahara without suffering from heat. You will also appreciate the sweetness of Senegal on the beaches of Saly or on the island of Gorée. The African summer, on the other hand, starts further south in Tanzania, Kenya and especially South Africa with peaks of heat on the east coast. In South Africa it will be the height of summer with over 11 hours of sunshine per day. 

Traveling to America in January

Typical Louisiana House

North America experiences often very harsh winters at this time. The only alternative is to go down to the southern states. In Louisiana, the thermometer displays average temperatures between 9 ° and 18 ° but January is above all an opportunity to participate in the New Orleans carnival (it can take place in some years in early February).

To find the sun in the middle of winter, we head straight for Florida, the “Sunshine State” with dry and mild winters and top sunshine mainly in the north. Oasis in the heart of the Californian desert, Palm Spring proudly displays 26 ° average temperatures. Another safe bet, Hawaii and its 26 ° / 28 ° or and Texas. In this state, where it is between 19 ° and 24 °, we feast on Tex Mex dishes and stroll along the riverwalk. Take advantage of a trip at the beginning of the year to try the adventure in the North American deserts before the arrival of the summer furnace.

If you choose the “ski under the sun” version, the resorts of Colorado, California, l’Idaho or New Mexico are all dream destinations. Also opt for a stay in Central America, in particular in Mexico or in South America, heading towards Brasil, Chile or Argentina. 

Where to stay in Oceania?

Discover Tasmania in Australia

On the Oceania side, it is in the southern part of Australia and New Zealand that you will find the mildest climates. Avoid northern Australia (Cains / Darwin) and Queensland which generally experiences the rainy season. Many roads are closed thus preventing visits. Prefer the region of Sydney, Melbourne et Brisbane. The Tasmania is also a very exotic destination rich in surprises and ideal to discover at the start of the year.

Go off-beat

More and more people are choosing to go out of season outside of the busiest tourist periods of the year. There is always a destination to delight January vacationers! And you, when are you leaving?

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