Where to eat, food and drinks New Caledonia

Where to eat, food and drinks New Caledonia


New Caledonian cuisine reflects the region: mixed. It is easy to eat typically French, but also Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese, especially in Nouméa.

Le bougna, a Melanesian dish, could nevertheless serve as an official dish because it is so famous. This is the dish that will be most often offered to you if you are staying in a tribe (find out more about accommodation in a tribe). Composed of meat or fish in coconut milk, yams, taros and sweet potatoes, this stew is traditionally stewed in banana leaves buried in an oven of buried hot stones.

Nothing like staying in a tribal lodge, in a Kanak village, to discover the pearls of Caledonian gastronomy.


On the meat side, the cerf is a popular delicacy in Grande Terre. It is cooked in different ways: in stew, on skewers or in salad. The dogfish, Caledonian version of the bat, is a dish appreciated by the tribes and is eaten mainly in stew. The beef Caledonian is generally of excellent quality.

Sea products

When it comes to fish and seafood, of course, it's happiness! We delight in a wide variety of fish eaten raw (ah! the tuna sashimi!) and crabs, shrimps, lobsters and shellfish.


The most common "vegetables" are taro, the yam and the Yam but there are also tomatoes and other vegetables that we are used to in Europe. Some fruits that are regularly found in the markets include pineapple, mango, avocado, passion fruit, lemon and orange. Papaya is generally eaten green, grated and seasoned in salads, to accompany dishes. The vegetable pickles are often found prominently on tables.


The favorite drinks of Caledonians are certainly beer and wine. There are a few imported beers in New Caledonia, but the undisputed star is Number One beer, brewed on site.

The wines are mostly Australian, New Zealand and French imported wines. For a local color experience, taste the kawa ou kawa-kawa, a traditional drink in the South Pacific, made from wild pepper roots. Earthy in appearance, it is slightly euphoric and relaxing. The best is to taste it as a tribe, because sharing it is a sign of friendship, but instant preparations can also be found in supermarkets (while in metropolitan France, it is considered a narcotic and prohibited for sale!) .

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