Where to eat, food and drink Tasmania

Where to eat, food and drink Tasmania

On an Australian scale, Tasmania is renowned for its gastronomy. Indeed, we are far from being satisfied with the barbie (barbecue) and beer duo which is all the rage in the continental Outback.


Tasmanians have similar eating habits to their Australian cousins. They have a good breakfast when they wake up: most often cereal, or eggs and bacon. For lunch, they are content with a sandwich at lunchtime, and in the evening, they have a feast around 19:30 or 20 p.m. They have the same specialties as on the mainland: meat pie, grilled or breaded meats, fish & chips, Vegemite toast (very salty condiment-dough, made with yeast ... if you feel like it. said).

Many Tasmanians have a strong organic sensitivity, even vegetarian. In Tasmania, it is therefore easy to find healthy and elaborate dishes, based on cereals and vegetables. Add to that a clear international influence, whether it comes from the big European brothers or from neighboring Asia in particular. In the big cities, you will easily find restaurants of Asian, Greek or even African cuisine.

Local products

But the real gastronomic specificity of Tasmania lies in its local, abundant and quality products. Don't miss the sea ​​products, ubiquitous: farmed salmon and trout, seafood (oysters, mussels, scallops, crayfish and langoustines).

Cattle and sheep farming, of course, provides quality meat, but also dairy products, in particular cheese.

There is a Tasmanian Camembert! The European influence is glaring, but the resemblance ends there: the cheeses are made from pasteurized milk, which can make them a little bland to our discerning palates.

Let's not forget the many fruits that we cultivate on the island: apples, red fruits (strawberries) or stone. Finally, there are small producers who make miel (try the one from leatherwood, a tree that grows only in Tasmania), jams, mustards and other chocolates. The Cadbury factory in Hobart can be visited, but there are others, more artisanal.


Like good Australians, Tasmanians love beer, to put it mildly! They drink all the more that it is not strong (from 3 to 5% alcohol). Tasmania is proud to be home to Australia's oldest brewery: Cascade, in Hobart. Hazards is another local production.

The other great national drink is wine, of which entire regions are dedicated to production: the Tamar valleys to the north, the Derwent and the Huon river to the south. The island enjoys a temperate climate, similar to Europe, which allows it to cultivate grape varieties with familiar names: pinot noir and gris, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, riesling, chardonay. The sparkling wines of Tasmania are also famous.

Small originality: some BYO (Bring Your Own) restaurants allow their customers to bring their own bottle, because they do not have a license to sell alcohol.

Question coffee, it is generally American style, long and light bodied. In pubs in the countryside, expect to be served freeze-dried coffee. In the city, however, more and more establishments have espresso machines, and you will occasionally find coffee roasting shops.

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