Where to eat, food and drink Oman

Where to eat, food and drink Oman


Omani meals are very influenced by Indian cuisine; you can find meats and fish prepared in the tandoori, masala or tikka fashion on most restaurant menus. So much so that we consider the biryani (Indian dish consisting of spicy rice with chicken, lamb or fish) as a national dish, just like the kabsa ou makbous (same ingredients, but the rice is garnished with a tomato sauce).

Strong influence also of Middle Eastern dishes (several Lebanese cuisine restaurants) such as shawarma, meat kebabs, mezze and falafel.

In Muscat, Asian restaurants offer Thai and Chinese specialties. Pizzerias and Italian specialties are also popular. Hotels often serve buffets and dinner barbecues in the gardens to enjoy the cool of the evening. The fish is very fresh and comes from the local fishery. In addition, the quality and hygiene of the food is monitored by regular inspections by the Ministry of Health.

Sweet desserts are very popular, such as halwa, Omani specialty served with coffee, which can be flavored with saffron, almonds or walnuts.

Where to eat ?

The choice of restaurants and snacks is very large, and you can eat almost anytime. In addition the portions are abundant.


Du tea, of course, part of the Anglo-Indian heritage, and Omani coffee served in small cups, accompanied by halwa.
You will also be offered some fruit juices, rose water and soft drinks from international brands. For mineral waters, you will often be offered European brands.

It is possible to consume cocktails, wine and beer in international hotels as well as in a few restaurants in the capital. But alcohol is sold at very high prices.

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