Where to eat, food and drink Krakow

Where to eat, food and drink Krakow

Where to eat inexpensively in Krakow?

In the historic center and around

As in all major Polish cities, the mleczny bar (“Milk bars”), these popular canteens, offer local cuisine with little or no money! The opportunity to eat pierogi cheap: a form of "social dumpling" ... But beware, they often close early.

In the Kazimierz district

Not kosher and more like! For relaxed atmospheres, some bars also scrap in the field of the knife and the fork.

- 22h (some close later or sooner 12 Zl.
From dawn, they delight workers and market gardeners, mixed with young Krakow people returning from the evening, with a soup or a reconstituting dish swallowed on the go. But the local specialty is Casserolles, a kind of Polish panini not diet at all. The Cracoviens may say that it is not terrible, there is always a crowd and new stands that are a little more qualitative are appearing little by little.

Recall that in 2019, Krakow was designated European capital of gastronomy.

Where to take a sweet break

Small remark to6; almost at the corner of the Rynek).

Where to have a drink, where to go out in Krakow?

A cellar, a terrace, a bar. This is the trilogy that rules Krakow's rich nightlife. And given the endless number of Gothic cellars, you can spend your youth there. Mêsols. Students from 11 Krakow universities do the rest.

In the historic center: Camelot, Bunkier, Klub RE ...
Find all of our addresses in the Routard Cracow guide.

In the Kazimierz district

- Bars: Kazimierz is full of bars, most of them quite trendy ...: Alchemia, Propaganda, Hevre, Singer ...

- Boî30 Zl, on average), but sometimes free for girls.

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