Where to eat, food and drink Israel, Palestine

Where to eat, food and drink Israel, Palestine


Cuisine in Israel

Most appetizers and side dishes like pita (bread pancake), mezes, falafels, grilled meats and even pastries are found throughout the region.

But the Jews who inhabit the country come from all over the world. So they brought their recipes with them. Basically, there are still 2 main kitchens:

- Central European Jewish cuisine (whose influence is diminishing), especially Romanian, Hungarian, Polish and Austrian, with schnitzel (Viennese cutlets), the famous stuffed carp (gefiltefisch) and meatballs in all sauces.

- Eastern Jewish cuisine, like the one prepared by the Palestinians, recalls that of Lebanon and Jordan. Lots of chillies, peppers and salads.

For some time now, the fusion cuisine is west, north-south or multi-Mediterranean.

Some specific dishes

- The shakshuka: popular dish of se The zaatar chamenet: simply white cheese The " Pastries : very sweet.

Kosher cuisine

Kosher cuisine prohibited any mixing of milk (so butter) with meat (for the latter, compulsory ritual slaughter). Different dishes, different dishes.

In real kosher restaurants (certified), no need to ask for rare meat or wait for a knob of butter on your kosher steak.

Israëy at you in the many non-kosher restaurants. Other prohibitions: shellfish, fish without scales, and of course the pig ...

Cuisine in Palestine

- Khobz: small pancake of bread, very Humans:Falafels: small balls of chickpeas, garlic Mezze: they are entered Chawarma : filled bread Carnivores will have to face Pastries : a thousand and one kinds of baklava, these little sweets coated with sugar ... Variants: with nuts, pistachios, almonds, etc. Very popular, the knafeh, bright orange angel hair, stuffed with soft and melted goat cheese.
- fruits the most common are dates, figs, oranges, mandarins (in winter), persimmons, pomegranates, avocados, apples, bananas, etc. You will be offered squeezed fruit juices.

Some typical Palestinian dishes

- Maklouba: the chicken is cooked in a pot, then the flowers, sometimes Mensaf: the fê dish Musakhan: bread cake covered with chicken and onions cooked in Warak dawali (or mahshi wara) : grape leaves enveloping rice, minced meat (but not always) and spices. 


Drinks in Israel

- Wine: Israel is a wine country! Do not imagine finding wines that will make you forget our own: Israeli wine is not of a rare refinement. And it is rather expensive. 
The main vineyards are south of Haifa (at Zikhron Ya'akov in particular), and in the Golan, where the planting of vines is much more recent. Golan wines won prizes in the biggest international competitions, including gold medals at Vinexpo (Bordeaux). In April 2011, at the Verona competition, the vineyard of Ramat hagolan won the prize for the best producer in the world!
- Golan wines are now the most popular wines today in Israel, among the most expensive too. They are found in many stores and restaurants. These are the gamla (red and white) and the yarden (red or white, particularly the red merlot or white chardonnay). We also find, in red, ben ami, petite sirah and monfort, and in white, cabernet, misrahi, sémillon or even a riesling.

- La beer local is good, especially Israeli Maccabi brewed since 1968. It is a 4,9 ° alcohol pilsner and the most exported beer. The Goldstar can be drunk too.

- The coffee is served Turkish (turki), ordinary (ragil or bots, which means "mud": very fine ground coffee, like Turkish coffee, but that one does not boil) or nes (Nescafé). Also popular: afoukh coffee, like a whipped latte. In cafes run by Jews of European origin, you can also find cappuccino, as in Italy, as well as real good espresso: order a katsar (short), kafoul (long) or afoukh (with milk) espresso.

Drinks in Palestine

- The water (maï) is not drinkable, because 500 times more chlorinated than normal. Buy bottled water or better, opt for a filter straw.

- Juice : with all these fruit trees, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of their juice. The most frequently used is lemon juice to which you can add mint.

- Coffee in small sips so you don't end up with the grounds in your mouth! Cardamom is added to it.

- Tea (Chai) : As much consumed as coffee, tea consists more and more of a tasteless sachet, immersed in boiled water ...

- Wine: west of Jésauvignon Grande Réserve in red and white, as well as a beautiful sauvignon blanc.

- Beer: there are 2 breweries in Palestine, in the Ramallah region: Taybeh, brewed by a Christian family in the eponymous village, available in 5 variations; and more recently, the Shepherds, at Bir Zeit, also available in several colors. Big success (justified).

- Arak: sort of anisette close to ouzo. Not bad at all, it usually accompanies the meal, but it gets drunk quickly! 

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