Where to eat, food and drink Hawaii

Where to eat, food and drink Hawaii


The influences of all the peoples who came to colonize Hawaii are found at the island table. Japanese sushi, Portuguese sausages, Chinese chow mein, Vietnamese saimin, good old American burgers, there is something for everyone, at all prices.

On this multicultural base, a beautiful regional cuisine has developed, drawing its sources of inspiration from the great melting pot and its products from organic gardens. The result is a fresh and tasty, albeit expensive, hybrid cuisine. Its main characteristics: sweet and savory dishes aesthetically presented in the Japanese style, made on European technical bases, with Asian sauces and condiments, tropical fruits and vegetables such as passion fruit or, more surprisingly, o 'helo, macadamia nuts or fern shoots ... Exotic!


The hungry will order a loco moco, derived from the plate lunch forming a mountain of rice topped with a minced steak or corned beef, a pan-fried egg and, again, a lot of gravy ... And since we're talking about corned beef, know that this is the cute sin of the Hawaiians: they swallow three times more than on the continent! 

Other specialties

- fresh fish are superbly represented: ahi (tuna), mahi-mahi, ono (king mackerel) in particular. As in Tahiti, we like to eat raw fish or marinated octopus (in poké) with soy sauce and seaweed.

On the popular Hawaii side, the plate lunch, served in vans along the roads or in small local restaurants, stacks on one plate two tablespoons of rice, a salad of macaroni with mayonnaise and one or more specials of the day: beef or chicken in a teriyaki sauce, steak minced meat, fish, Korean-style kal-bi ... all covered or not with gravy (a thick sauce). The Japanese version, called bento, sees marinated vegetables, sushi, grilled fish or chicken, etc.

Another must, the saimin, a fragrant noodle soup bathed in chicken or shrimp broth.

Some flat lunches give pride of place to the Hawaiian classics: kalua pork (stewed) or in laulau (same but in banana leaves), lomilomi salmon (marinated with tomatoes and onions), plantains and the essential poi (taro puree) with highly contested taste qualities ... Many luxury hotels organize lu'au, commercial replicas of the traditional Hawaiian feast, where all these dishes find their place.

The centerpiece is a stewed suckling pig in the imu, the traditional oven. The principle is simple: a hole is dug in the ground, hot stones placed in it with the food and everything is covered with banana leaves, then with earth. Cooking time: 6 to 8 hours. The tourist lu'au are accompanied by a Polynesian dance show.

Asian restaurants

The importance of the Japanese community means that we find a large number of Japanese restaurants much more affordable than in the rest of the world. The opportunity to taste succulent sushi, extra fresh sashimi, steaming bowls of udon (flat noodles) and other tempura (vegetable or shrimp fritters).

Quite many Thai restaurants also.

Coconut milk, ginger and peanuts flavor most dishes - often quite (or very) spicy.

For the exotic, try a Philippine and above all a balut (duck egg ready to hatch, and hard cooked ...).


Another very well represented category: coffee-shops specializing in organic products. Loaded with excellent fresh sandwiches with alfafa, taro or raw tuna and, for the less adventurous, waffles, bagels, burgers, homemade pastries.


- fruit pies tropical (lilikoi, passion fruit, mango, guava) are often delicious. Another classic, the shave ice is very finely crushed ice, covered with very colorful fruit syrup (s) (and quite artificial). The whole can form a rainbow of perfumes.


Nothing to report in the matter, one would be tempted to say. Everything is like in the United States. The beer flows freely in bars, the Californian wine accompanies fine dinners and sodas refresh all day long.
A curiosity anyway: the pineapple wine of the Tedeschi Wineries of Maui.

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