Where to eat, food and drink Alaska

Where to eat, food and drink Alaska

Typical meals

Have you ever had a bison burger? Elk steak? Reindeer? A giant snow crab? This is the opportunity to try.

The fauna that haunts the seas, taiga and tundra regularly finds its way onto the menus of restaurants and cafes. The Salmon is excellent and more, without any trace of fat like all salmon. Firm, pinkish-orange when smoked, tasty ... a treat.

You will inevitably come across salmon bakes, local barbecues, often a bit touristy, organized every summer. We also offer cod et halibut (which sometimes reaches its quintal), also very good.

Where to eat in Alaska?

The prices are not tender, so in order not to break the bank, also bet on supermarkets or Fast-foods, present in almost every small town. Obviously, we are no longer talking about gastronomy, but economics ...

Most towns also have at least one, sometimes two cafes to do everything (accommodation-grocery store-gasoline), where you eat properly, on the model of what you find elsewhere in the United States. We rarely have orgies, but we often come across good pies, sometimes blueberry or forest fruit ice cream.

Very popular, coffee shops are available here in mini huts planted on the outskirts of towns, like so many islets floating on wasteland. Very practical for parking against the window and ordering in drive-through, winter, when the thermometer reads - 30 ° C.

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