Where to eat, eat and drink Scotland

Where to eat, eat and drink Scotland

Scottish gastronomy

In Scotland, we eat early. Not always easy to find a restaurant serving after 21 p.m. or even 20 p.m., especially in the countryside. It is also advisable to have lunch before 14 p.m. But fortunately, some ads serve continuously. Big cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow, where you can sit down until 22 p.m., or even a little later on the weekend, are obviously not the rule.

The full Ssottish brekfast

The breakfast, served in GéJacques. All accompanied by toast with butter and marmalade.
And, to sprinkle the whole thing, tea or coffee (generally not great!).
With such a bombardment when you get up, you can forget about lunch! This full Scottish breakfast is served in all B & B's and hotels.

Scottish specialties

Scotland has some delicious specialties. First the famous haggis. It is a belly of mutton stuffed with the crust of the animal, salt, pepper, onions, oats, long cooked and usually accompanied by mashed turnips and potatoes. There is also a vegetarian version: the meat is replaced by a mixture of black beans, lentils, mushrooms, carrots and other spices. The haggis is often offered as a starter.

For meat, goûAngus (one of the best meats in the world, expensive, obviously), mutton and lamb, of course, grouse (the ptarmigan or Scottish heather cock), pheasant (pheasant) and venison (deer), which can also be found in stew, pie or burger (less interesting).

Also try the stovies (a kind of Parmentier hash), the lorne sausage, a kind of flavored square steak. The Scotch broth and cok a leekie are mutton or beef broth for the first, chicken for the second. The Scotch egg is a ball of pork and hard-boiled egg stuffing coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

Don't forget the seafood: the cullen skink (creamy haddock and potato soup), often offered in pubs for lunch. We love.

Note also, a typical Scottish dessert, the excellent cranachan, mixing cream, oatmeal, whiskey and raspberries. We're still licking our fingers!
Finally, remember to taste the delicious Dundee marmalade, whose fame dates back to the XNUMXth century!

Where to eat in Scotland?

For a light lunch, Scots often opt for coffee shops or tearooms. They offer a soup of the day with bread, sandwiches, toasted or not, baked potatoes, salads and pastries until around 18 p.m. (sometimes 16 p.m.). The formula is attractive and inexpensive.

For a more substantial meal, we have the choice between pub, cheaper, and the restaurant well said. The 2 paths between the heat of the pub and the restaurant kitchen, the gastropubs offer more creative cuisine. Not to neglect !

Be careful, if you are traveling with children, they are prohibited in the evening at the bar in pubs, and sometimes even in the restaurant area.

Note also the Asian and Indian restaurants, often at moderate prices, which serve authentic cuisine and are distinguished by more flexible opening hours. Some offer affordable all you can eat buffets.


- it, otherwise it will be served to you in milk. Specialty cafes serve real espresso, so do good restaurants. Elsewhere, it is more random.

Note that a law prohibits the sale of alcohol at retail before 10 a.m. and after 22 p.m.

- half the same, it is sometimes served on tap.

Scotch whiskey

It's the national drink! It is consumed in a tulip glass, with a narrow neck, to both release and concentrate the aromas. Some people recommend adding a little plain water to "open" the whiskey.

Scottish wines

Wine lovers get together, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia ...).
You can sometimes bring your bottle to certain restaurants or to the table d'hôtes in your B & B, an abbreviated BYOB display in the window (Bring Your Own Bottle).

Other alcoholic drinks

- Sweet wines: there is the port (port) and the sherry from Spain (a glass of medium sherry, please!), delicious, not very expensive and very popular with old ladies.

- The gin: more and more gin distilleries are opening all over the UK! Very floral drink, the base is juniper, mixed with flowers and plants, in the best of local cases.

- Sweet liqueurs: if you like, try the Drambuie or the Irish cream, at the café. If you prefer blends, try a dry martini (not at all what you expected) or vodka and lime (pronounced "secular"). Lime means both a lime wedge and lemon syrup. For a slice of lemon, specify lemon.

- The trèBru. Its orange color is popular with teenagers. Since 1901, its formula has remained secret (well, hey!). We can just tell you that it is very sweet.


- The lager, low fermentation beer, often blonde, very sparkling and served chilled. It can be found in a bottle or on tap (tap). The most common is Tivez's lager, brewed in Glasgow, light.

- The ale, which means arm strength) rather than pressure and, in principle, at room temperature.

- The IPA (India Pale Ale) has the wind in its sails again. With its strong hop flavor, IPA is in principle more bitter than the others. The Brewdog, an excellent independent Scottish brewery in Aberdeenshire, offers tasty versions.

- The stout, or dark beer, like Guinness. Most are Irish, but there are some Scottish ones like the Belhaven, the Sweetheart Stout, the Isle of Arran Dark Premium or the Orkney Dark Island (extra!).

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