When to go to Porto? (depending on the climate, attendance and prices)

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Porto is located in the north of Portugal, by the Atlantic Ocean. Less known than Lisbon or the Algarve, it has many advantages. To choose the right time for your vacation in Porto, take into account the weather, the crowds and the flight prices.

The best time depending on the weather

Porto is at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It is never too hot or too cold, but precipitation is frequent.
In June, July, August the temperatures are very pleasant with minimum averages of 16 ° and maximums of 24 °. As for sunshine, you can count on about ten hours on average. In January, February, November and December it is much cooler but the average temperature throughout the year is 14,5 ° C with around 1117 mm of precipitation per year. If we compare with Paris, the average temperature is 12,3 ° C and the precipitation is 457 mm. We can therefore see that in Porto, it is mild all year round but that the rain is quite present. However, during the summer months, you can enjoy rather dry and hot weather. The nearby Atlantic coast limits the hot weather in the middle of summer.

When to book a flight to Porto?

In general, it appears that medium-haul flights are cheaper on Thursdays and in November. For this type of flight, it is recommended to book several months in advance to benefit from advantageous rates. For some flights Paris-Porto, it is in July that the ticket is the most expensive. If you go between September and January, the prices are the cheapest (x2 less).
Please note, these prices are averages calculated over previous years, and may vary depending on the city of departure.

When to go to avoid the crowds

Even if Porto is less touristy than Lisbon or the Algarve, it attracts many vacationers during the summer. It is in July and August that the crowd is the strongest. If you don't mind the “crowds” this is a good time to soak up the sun. September is a great choice as there are fewer tourists, the ocean has warmed up a bit, and the hours of sunshine are still plentiful. If the cool water doesn't scare you, June is just as enjoyable. But thanks to the influence of the ocean, it never gets cold in Porto. For those who want to visit the city without vacationers, the period from November to February is perfect. You just have to think about your umbrella.

In conclusion: when to go to Porto?

  • If you want to enjoy the sun and the Porto beach, book your flight for a departure in May or June, or even in September. But remember to book in advance.
  • For a low-cost and cultural trip, choose the season from September to February.
  • Avoid leaving in July-August, unless you have no choice and are not afraid to share your patch of sand.
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