What to visit in Occitanie? The 15 essential places for travelers

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The Occitanie region is huge (larger than Ireland), and for good reason, it is made up of 13 departments! This makes it a very large, vast and diverse region. So if this grandeur loses you a bit and you don't yet know what to visit or where to start, we asked 15 bloggers who have surveyed the region to share their favorites with us. Here is a sample of the most beautiful things to see and do in Occitania, tested and approved by travelers.

  • The medieval city of Sainte-Enimie
  • The surprising village of Castelbouc (with its houses clinging to the cliffs of Causse Méjean)
  • The city of Prades
  • The village of Saint-Chély-du-Tarn (at the foot of the Méjean cliffs)
  • The village of La Malène (starting point for boat trips)

Then we decided to take a boat to the village of La Malène, accompanied by a boatman. An unforgettable experience !

I've always been seasick, and yet I really enjoyed our trip on the Tarn, it was so incredible! The explanations of our captain were captivating, the descent impressive, the spectacle of the herons which skimmed the water in front of us bluffing! The whole family greatly appreciated this way of discovering the Tarn. We recommend it to you.

What to see in the Gorges du Tarn, in the Occitanie region

Whether by car or by boat, a visit to the Gorges du Tarn remains a must to do in Lozère. You will have a good time with your family.

What to do in Occitanie? Build the ramparts of Carcassonne

But it would be a shame to limit the discovery of Carcassonne to its city. Because the city is full of places to discover, starting with the Bastide district. We discover pretty streets and alleys, as well as the main square of old Carcassonne, Place Carnot and its superb colorful buildings.

Last but not least, we can only advise you to take the time to discover the Canal du Midi who is stopping here. On foot, by bike or by boat, discovering the canal and its locks will undoubtedly be a superb ride.

Even further in Occitania

As you have seen, Occitania is a huge and diverse region. We have only selected a small panel (but these are the gems) of what you could discover and visit. Since it is impossible to list everything to do in one page, we prepare you a future article on the Hérault department (and other departments will follow)! So remember to subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed, and do not hesitate to add your ideas to this list in comments!

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