What to see, what to visit Madrid

What to see, what to visit Madrid

Madrid museums

Madrid have you at the entrance of each museum because reductions or free admission are rarely indicated.

  • For the more addicted, see the passes and cards.

Cultural agendas

- The tourist office publishes a free monthly magazine, Es Madrid Magazine. There are shows, exhibitions and events of the month.

- Another free monthly, particularly focused on concerts: Madrid in Vivo, found in AJs, restaurants and bars. Musical programming day by day, and also a few pages on the theater.
Equivalent on the Internet: lanocheenvivo.com, with both the agenda, the list of concert halls (classified by district) and the style of music they play.

- To find out what is happening in town: every Friday, Guívous flyers that you will find in bars. Always on Fridays, the major national dailies offer a cultural and practical supplement: Metropoli for El Mundo, On Madrid for El País.

- Many cinemas on the Gran Vía, around the Callao Metro.

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The "" Movida "

The term is from 1990, deep Is there an afterlife with our help - the nooks and crannies of Madrid that will make you answer yes!

Here are some of the trends to make your mouth water.

- The nights are relaxing, you would think you were living in a gigantic open-air bar. Some places have not changed one iota since the 1980s, but the clientele, it mingles and renews itself. What an energy!

- The gay district: Between clothing and decoration stores, cafes, trendy bars and small nightclubs, the Chueca district is the other sector that is on the move. Here, we have a keen sense of communication and flyers and leaflets abound! It's like the treasure hunt.

- Roof terraces and terraced places are rare, they are popular upstores (ephemeral shops), they have a lot of fun all year round.

- Vintage United cocktails. Behind the counter and its sparkling bottles, mixologists dust off forgotten recipes, or create their own, often invigorating, rarely cheap. Another kind of drink, the very hipster fashion of craft beers microbrews, with more and more dedicated bars.

- Gourmet markets: since the renovation of the Mercado San Miguel, transformed into a huge tapas bar with plenty of small stands specializing in fish, ham, croquettes, etc., to be shared at large communal tables, everyone opens them ! It was the turn of the mercado San Antón, in Chueca, then the mercado San Ildefonso in Malasaña, and even the big names like Corte Inglés got involved. In fact, it revives, bohemian version, with the very traditional tapas counter at Papa's market, where traders and customers locked a gorgeon during the break.

- Cafémidi, Madrilenians like to hang out in old cafes in the center and in Malasaña. A heritage of the art of the tertulia: between friends and girlfriends, we talk for hours, we remake the world or we dissect the last match of Real Madrid and the last episode of the current series (telenovelas, the Brazilian marshmallow series , like the American series). From time to time, we meet around a specialist to discuss a topic, an idea ...

- Spend your weekend in night traffic jams (including by bike!): that means at least you've been to the trendy bars!

- Spanish rock groups: very present on the Madrid scene. Very current texts and quality music. No exclusive that said, in Madrid we also play funk, jazz, blues ... On the other hand, if you stay a few days, you will quickly notice that these are the same groups that go from place to place. other...

- The zarzuelas: a style of Spanish musical theater, born in Madrid in the XNUMXth century, the zarzuela is back in service. The old repertoires are dusted off and put back on display. The people of Madrid rediscover these kinds of operettas with pleasure. You can attend shows, especially at Zarzuela Theater.

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