What to see and do in Nîmes? Our 10 must-see visits!

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Incredible remains of ancient Rome await you in the heart of a lively village, with a warm welcome. Festivities entertain you throughout the year, under a omnipresent sun whatever the season! You will be spoiled for choice in what to do in Nîmes. With its Spanish and Cévennes influences, it will undoubtedly surprise you more than once!

Sneak into the arenas

This wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheater stands proudly in the center of Nîmes. It can also be visited from the inside if you wish to discover, in addition to the bleachers, its mysterious underground mazes. In addition to visiting the place which is intended to be most impressive, you may have the opportunity to attend one or the other show regularly offered in the very heart of the arenas.

The arenas of Nîmes

Go into ecstasies in front of the Pont du Gard

A little further from the city, this ancient site is unique and majestic. There is an entrance fee, but the walk is definitely worth the detour. Plan a small picnic, complemented by good local food, and contemplate a magnificent sunset, certainly sublime your day. In addition, a short walk offering the discovery of Mediterranean agriculture starts on this site. It is to be done in Nîmes, without a doubt!

Gard's Bridge

Stroll through the center of Nîmes

Take a walk with ease and get lost in the small pedestrian streets in the center is undoubtedly to be done in Nîmes. These districts surrounded by boulevards are imbued with a communicative joie de vivre. At every street corner, easily find the little one typical restaurant which will delight you, the original bar with the charming welcome or the friendly local shop. This very simple activity allows you to soak up a unique city atmosphere.

An alley in Nîmes

Go to meet the garrigue in the domain of Escattes

This natural space rehabilitated by many volunteers and people in integration allows you, via picturesque paths and small stone paths, to discover an incredible natural heritage. This place is dedicated to the exploration of the scrubland in all its forms and highlighting the olive tree cultivation.

The Escattes domain

Admire the state of conservation of the Maison Carrée

Ce ancient monument has the merit of being the only one in the world to be perfectly preserved, thanks to its uninterrupted use for hundreds of years. History and architecture lovers will in turn admire its harmonious proportions and his historical past full of twists and turns. You will also have the opportunity to watch a film retracing life in Nîmes through the years.

Maison Carree

Treat yourself to a gourmet break at the Villaret bakery

Do not wait any longer to treat yourself and taste the delicious crunchy. They make the reputation and the originality of this extraordinary traditional bakery. Manufactured only in Nîmes, this local specialty and family respects a manufacturing technique over 200 years old. Impressive and above all delicious!

The Villaret bakery

Immerse yourself in local traditions at the Vieux-Nîmes museum

Objects collected since the end of the Middle Ages literally transport you to the Nimes of yesteryear and tell you more about local traditions and the Nîmes reality over time. You will also learn more about the canvas of Nîmes, the timeless “Denim”, and its textile production industry famous at the time in the region and well beyond.

The museum of Vieux-Nîmes

Fording the Magne tower

This ancient site overlooks the city and sits on the summit of Mont Cavalier. It allows you, in addition to learning more about Nîmes customs, to enjoy a fantastic panorama on the surroundings. To reach the tower, climb for a short kilometer from the city center. The visit sincerely deserves the effort and is one to do in Nîmes, without hesitation!

The Magne Tower

Disconnect while hiking around Nîmes

Nature lovers will be seduced by the ideal location of this city. Indeed, it is an inexhaustible playground, between the Mediterranean and the Cévennes. Many hikes are available to get away from it all and soak up the rurality of the region. Do not hesitate to borrow the Brissac winegrower's path for combine effort and pleasure. What could be better than tasting a few wines while strolling along a path winding between the vines?

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Take a hike in the Cévennes

Stroll through the largest bamboo grove in Europe

This unusual and truly unexpected place teleports you into an almost magical universe, far from your daily life. With over 200 species of bamboo and hundreds of other plant species from around the world, walking there is an invitation to disconnect and to observe this sumptuous flora up close.

The bamboo grove

Useful information

We share with you some information and advice to facilitate the preparation of your stay and make it more pleasant.

  • How to get there ? You can get there by train. The station is located in the city center and is close to the arena. The airport is a little further away, 15 kilometers from the city. You can easily reach it with one of the available shuttles or by taxi. You can also get there by car. Do not hesitate to park it safely in one of the many car parks!
  • Travel and transport: getting around on foot is the thing to do in Nîmes to make the most of the superb city scenery that surrounds you. The TANGO bus network crisscrosses the city and its outskirts. This can be useful to you to reduce somewhat the journeys between the monuments. The taxis can be a comfortable solution for short one-off trips.
  • Discounts: the city pass offers you the opportunity to take advantage of advantageous rates for visiting the sites and museums of Nîmes. Different offers are available for stays in the city of 2 days, 4 days or 7 days.

The essentials of Nîmes… and after?

You will not come easily, and for your greatest pleasure, to end the great excursions to do in Nîmes! The latter will probably give you the desire to extend your getaway and even come back to the region! Why not visit neighboring cities, Montpellier and Marseille or let yourself be tempted by the pretty villages of Ardèche?

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