What to see and do in Krakow? 10 must-see visits

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It is very complex to decide what to do in Krakow, during your getaway, as the possibilities for activities are so many! This dynamic city full of surprises leaves you spoiled for choice. Second city in Poland and former capital, it is now recognized as cultural and scientific city of the country. Often regarded as Warsaw's little sister, she amazes with her beauty and unexpected resources and leaves people speechless. history and culture lover.

Stroll through the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz

A little bohemian or even quirky, this district, which suffered enormously during the Nazi invasion of the Second World War, is very popular. It is now rather good to live there! Why not relax during a break, in one of its many avant-garde bars or authentic café-bookstores? Then let yourself be guided by its typical alleys and visit an old synagogue, a Gothic and Baroque church or many other monuments. If your stay coincides with the beginning of summer, do not miss the fabulous festival of jewish culture !

Kazimierz alley

Look for the colorful Street Art frescoes

Even if Krakow does not equal other cities like Amsterdam, Bologna, Berlin or London in terms of Street Art, exploring the suburb to unearth these city frescoes is worth the detour. A good bet that this strolls urbaine will take you to unexpected places and meet improbable artistic works. Do not miss the "Never Folow", in the Podgorze district.

Street art in Krakow

Discover the impressive Wawel Castle

This prestigious fortification includes several palaces and even one sumptuous cathedral. Situated at the top of a hill of the same name, it overlooks the city and the Wisla river. This site offers you, in addition to a foray into the historical Polish past, a magnificent panorama ! Discover its treasures, its crypts, its armory or its royal chambers.

Wawel Castle

Stroll through the magical streets of the old town, Stare Miasto

Vous trouverez ici a little southern air ! With its colorful facades, a warm atmosphere that encourages relaxation and its many terraces, the old town of Krakow has everything to welcome its visitors. Between his majestic main square, its historical monuments and museumsyou will find a number of restaurants and places popular with Polish youth. For sure, you will have plenty to do in Krakow if you pass by the Stare Miasto!

Krakow old town

Get lost in the hustle and bustle of the market square, Rynek Główny

This dynamic market place is surrounded by medieval houses. You will find, among others, in the surroundings: the Cloth Hall, the old shopping center of the city, the basilica or the belfry. In the evening, the market place puts on its costume romantic in a cozy atmosphere. There is always something to do in Krakow, especially if you are stopping in the heart of the city.

The Christmas market in the square

Cultivate yourself in the timeless Collegium Maius museum

The budding scientists will be delighted to get lost in the rooms of this museum dedicated to astronomy, meteorology, cartography, but also to physics and chemistry. The exterior Gothic-style building will interest, with its interior courtyard and its arcades, the architecture lovers. The visit is guided and takes time. It is especially interesting for travelers initiated to architecture or science.

College of May

Go back in time in the Nowa Huta district

This supposedly ideal city was fabricated from scratch in the 1950s to make thepraise of the communist party. Immerse yourself in the mood with a “shot” of vodka! Drive around in a vintage car in this incredible staging. Take a leap in time and feel this so special atmosphere, a bit old-fashioned. The original visit to do in Krakow and not to be missed!

Nowa Huta

Meditate in the Franciscan Basilica

This basilica mixes styles and will make your head spin! No longer really Gothic, it features a few “art nouveau” stained glass windows. Its murals are famous and its frescoes with various motifs will immerse you in another universe. The visit is worth the detour! Are you around on a Friday? Do not miss, at the Chapel of the Passion, the incredible weekly procession of the brothers of the confraternity !

The Basilica of the Franciscans

Climb the green mound of Kościuszko

This popular walking place is also a extraordinary point of view ! After your walk and your arrival at the top of the mound, you can contemplate the surprisingly lush surroundings and, if you're lucky, you'll even spot a few high points in the Tatra Mountains. Discover these nice hiking trails. This is the ascent to do in Krakow!


Relax in the Planty park

This green area, all in peace, is the biggest in the town. It is appreciated for its tranquility, both by locals and passing travelers. Stretched over 8 kilometers, it offers gardens with very different styles, resting corners, but also places of exchange, in the shade of trees, thanks to a few terraces and cultural places. Strolling there and settling down after a visit of the city is a real delight. A break to take in Krakow, without feeling guilty!

Planty park in spring

Useful information

Finally, here is some information to prepare your stay in Krakow:

  • Silver : Although Poland has joined Europe, the Polish currency remains the zloty. Change only a few euros before your arrival or directly at the airport. You will then find exchange offices all over town with a more attractive rate.
  • How to get there ? The easiest and fastest way is to fly. Allow 2 hours of flight from Paris for a generally correct rate, especially if you plan in advance. By bus, know that your economical expedition will last more than a full day.
  • When to go Between oceanic and continental climate, the best time to visit Krakow is around summer. Consult the detailed climate forecast.
  • Travel: the ideal remains to discover the city on foot. In case of fatigue, you can take advantage of the good network of buses and trams which crisscross the various districts. Taxis should be avoided if possible: they are known to appreciate overcharging.
  • Discounts: the KrakowCard gives you access to several tourist activities. It comes in several offers depending on your length of stay. It includes museums, various attractions and public transport.

The must-sees in Krakow… what next?

Which excursions to do in Krakow suit you and make you want to try a wider Polish experience? Do not hesitate to venture into famous cities of the country, to taste its traditional dishes and get lost in his generous nature. Discover the must-sees of Poland before your departure!

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