What to see and do in Kotor? 10 must-see visits!

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In recent years, Montenegro has enjoyed a massive increase in travelers, as have its neighbors Croatia and Bosnia. This southern European country is increasingly sought after by European travelers who come to admire the hidden landscapes with which it abounds. This is the case with the city of Kotor which is emerging as Montenegro's favorite tourist attraction. You will quickly understand why… Here are 10 essential visits to see or do in Kotor!

Explore the old town

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town of Kotor has an undeniable charm. Lose yourself in the cobbled streets, be impressed by the city surrounded by the mountains of Lovcen and Orjen, marvel at the Venetian buildings! An advice : better to visit it early in the morning or late at night, you will avoid the heat and the crowds of tourists.

The old town of Kotor

Admire the Venetian palaces of Place d'Armes

Main square of Kotor, the Place d'Armes takes its name from the Venetian era. Ammunition was produced and stored there. Today it is an essential tourist passage to do in Kotor. There are shops and cafes but also important historical monuments : the Pima Palace, the Prince's Palace, the Clock Tower, the Napoleon Theater, the Rector's Palace, etc.

The clock tower

To remain speechless in front of the Mouths of Kotor

A paradisiacal setting, the authenticity of a village and breathtaking Mouths: Kotor definitely has it all. After having surveyed the hiking trails, a magnificent spectacle is displayed to the delight of walkers. A bird's eye view of the incredible Mouths of Kotor will convince you of the beauty of this landscape. And the small town has not finished surprising. To top it off, the Adriatic, mixed with blue and green, offers a colorful representation to which Kotor owes moreover. its new nickname “fjord of Europe”.

The Mouths of Kotor

Climb the hill of the Fortress Saint John

The Saint John fortress overlooks the city. Its ascent is a visit and a sporting event to do in Kotor absolutely! Climb the 1 steps for about an hour and you will be rewarded with a incredible panorama on Boka bay. Halfway, take a break at the Notre-Dame de la Santé church, built in the XNUMXth century.

Saint-Jean fortress

Taste Montenegrin specialties

Montenegro's Balkan and eastern neighbors inspire local cuisine. Here are some dishes to add to your list of culinary discoveries:

  • The popeci, cordon bleu style veal or pork cutlets;
  • le burek, a savory pastry very famous in the Balkans;
  • theajvar, a mash of red peppers and eggplant;
  • le butterscotchthick, creamy dairy product.
Tartine d'ajvar

Do the via ferrata

Between the Skurda canyon and the old town of Kotor, the most reckless travelers will have the pleasure of practicing the via ferrata, an unusual activity to do in Kotor! It is 200 meters long and 150 meters high. The view overlooks the entire old town, the bay, the port and the famous Serpentine road.

The Serpentine Road

Hiking Mount Lovcen

With 360 ° views of Montenegro, Mount Lovcen is a must-do in Kotor! A hike will take you to Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos, an exceptional monument of Lovcen. On the way, you will also discover the village of Njeguši, place of origin of the royal family of Petrović-Njegoš. Jump in your hiking boots!

The Njegos mausoleum

Discover the Maritime Museum

The maritime museum is a must-see in Kotor not only for its collection of models, old maritime maps and weapons, but above all for its architecture. The museum, open since 1900, is in fact installed in a XNUMXth century baroque palace. From the beautiful stone balconies, you can admire the view of the islands and their churches.

The maritime museum of Kotor

See Saint Tryphon's Cathedral

Saint Tryphon's Cathedral is one of the most important religious monuments to do in Kotor. Roman Catholic Church, its foundations date from the 1979th century. It was restored following the XNUMX earthquake which destroyed half of the city. Inside, you will discover XNUMXth century frescoes, a collection of local weapons and artifacts.


Visit the cat museum

If you love cats, don't miss this tiny museum dedicated to the feline. Your entry will participate in the care and food of the many alley cats of Kotor. You will discover all kinds cat illustrations, designs and postcards. A visit to do in Kotor when you stroll through the old town.

The cat museum

Useful information

Here is some practical information to visit Kotor while being well prepared!

  • Formalities: for European nationals, a simple identity card or a valid passport is sufficient to visit Montenegro.
  • Health : no compulsory vaccine. You can take your European health insurance card with you.
  • Cash : Euro.
  • How to get there : by plane, from Paris to Tivat, Dubrovnik or Podgorica for speed; by bus for an economical choice; by car to enjoy a road trip in Europe.
  • Travel: walking is sufficient in the city of Kotor. To visit the surroundings, a car is very practical, otherwise the bus is in use every day from 6 am to 22 pm.
  • Tourist information : The Kotor Tourism Office website is in Montenegrin and English.

The must-sees of Kotor… and after?

In Kotor, the symbiosis of nature and architecture make many travelers dream. On land or at sea, you will not miss visits to do in Kotor. And to prepare your stay in Montenegro, we invite you to consult our travel guide!

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