What to see and do in Budva? Our 10 must-see visits!

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In Budva, we laze on the beaches, we admire the idyllic views of the Adriatic Sea turquoise, we discover his historical patrimony and we party in the many night clubs in the city. The hotels and restaurants separate the coast from the mountains and mingle with thousand-year-old buildings. Discover our 10 must-see tours to see and do in Budva!

Stroll through the alleys of the old town

Budva is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. During your visit, you will discover fortifications erected when the Venetians ruled the city, between 1420 and 1797 to protect themselves from the Ottomans. Also get lost in the alleys of Stari Grad (Old Town) through its churches, elegant houses, squares and stone stairs.

An alley in Budva

Laze on the beaches of Sveti Stefan

Some beaches offer views of the Sveti Stefan peninsula, a postcard image of the city of Budva. Among them, the Sveti Stefan beach with its deckchairs and parasols, or the Milocer beach with its olive trees. Sunbathing and swimming in front of this peninsula is obviously a must to do in Budva.

Sveti Stefan beach

Relax at the Podmaine monastery

1 kilometer from the historic city center, Podmaine is a Serbian Orthodox monastery built in the 1869th century. Burned down in 1979 and then damaged by the earthquake of 2002, it was completely rebuilt in XNUMX. If you fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle of the seaside resort, come for a walk through the monastery's relaxing gardens, orchards and vineyards. A soothing visit to Budva!

The Podmaine monastery

Sip a cocktail on the terrace

Ultimate happiness of any holiday by the sea: s'installer en terrasse and have a cocktail served at any time of the day. Imagine… sitting in the shade of a parasol, the cool glass, the refreshing fruit juice, having nothing to do but enjoy your nectar and the heavenly view that accompanies it. A pleasure not to be missed!

A superb view from the terrace

Party till the end of the night

Dozens of bars, clubs and discos can be found in Budva, city ​​famous for party animals ! At the top of a mountainside, you will find, for example, a famous disco which organizes grandiose shows with a breathtaking view of the coast. More modestly, you can enjoy yourself in the bars along the seafront promenade. Celebrating the nightlife is a thing to do in Budva!

Budva at night

Bask in Mogren beach

follow her promenade maritime de Budva to access Mogren beach. Pretty cove with turquoise and clear waters, it attracts a lot of people. The place is particularly busy, unsurprisingly, between June and September. The beach is in fact divided in two and connected by a small passage. A part of sand and the other of pebble.

Mogren beach

Take a souvenir photo of the ballerina statue

In the direction of Mogren beach, the ballerina statue is a tourist attraction in its own right. Do not hesitate to come back at different times to observe new lights on the Budva old town as a backdrop. The path to get there is also picturesque, a nice visit to make in Budva!

The dancer statues

Visit religious monuments

As we said in the introduction, Budva is not all about partying, the beach and cocktails. His heritage and religious buildings are also part of its tourist attraction. Be sure to see:

  • Saint-Ivan church;
  • the Church of the Holy Trinity;
  • the church of Santa Maria de Punta;
  • the small church of Saint Sava on the edge of the cliff.
Saint Sava church

Enter the citadel of Budva

Climb the stairs to access the citadel of Budva and discover a library with precious books, remarkable architecture and above all ... an unmissable view of the city! An observation platform will offer you panoramic views on the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding mountains. A fairly quick visit to Budva during a day in the old town.

View of the center of Budva

Walk to the fortress of Mogren

3 kilometers from the historic center of Budva, the fortress of Mogren, also called "Jaz Battery" is an old fortification offering beautiful views of the Adriatic and the beaches of Jaz and Budva. Today in ruins, it was built in 1860, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You can reach it on foot from Budva, in around 40 minutes.

The fortress of Mogren

Useful information

Here is some information to help you prepare for your stay in Budva:

  • Formalities: for European nationals, a simple identity card or a valid passport is sufficient to visit Budva and Montenegro.
  • Health : no compulsory vaccine. You can take your European health insurance card with you.
  • Cash : euro.
  • How to get there : the way the fastest and most convenient is the plane. Land in Tivat, a 30-minute bus ride from Budva. Allow around 2 hours 25 minutes from Paris to Tivat by direct flight. Other possibilities: the bus, the train or the car!
  • When to go : the most pleasant period extends from April to September. Check the climate before you go.
  • Travel: the bus is the most convenient way in the Budva region.
  • Tourist information : there is no special tourist pass. Expect to pay to access several places in town, as well as to enjoy a lounge chair and umbrella on the beaches.

The must-sees in Budva and beyond?

Budva is a city particularly coveted by many tourists and we understand why. Sunny destination ideal for lazing on the beach, it also offers a cultural appeal which appeals to lovers of old stones. Continue your visit to the Adriatic Riviera as far as Croatia and discover 10 unmissable visits to Split!

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