What to see and do in Adelaide? Our 10 must-see visits

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Located in the south of Australia, this city on a human scale that will charm you. What to do in Adelaide? Take a stroll through its pedestrianized streets, go on a shopping spree, taste the region's renowned wines or explore its museums. You won't have time to get bored there! It is also the ideal starting point for an adventure in the Australian Bush or on Kangaroo Island Close. You are ready ? Let's go for a sensational trip to Adelaide!

Stroll through the Central Market

What to do in Adelaide when you have just arrived? Explore the Central Market. Located in the heart of downtown, not far from Victoria Square, this covered market is the perfect place to get in the mood. Spend half a day visiting the premises, the time to move from one stand to another while taking breaks for a coffee or a bite to eat. Here you will find all the fresh produce that Australia has to offer! 

Central market

Visit Port Adelaide

Port-Adelaide is a historic district of the city, and as such, constitutes a real heritage. You will discover the first buildings of Adelaide, but also the old telegraph. In particular, it is possible to sleep there: hotels have even been classified as historic monuments by the Australian Government. Most of the major museums are also located in the surrounding area., which makes the little stroll unmissable!

Port Adelaide

Discover Aboriginal culture at the South Australian Museum

Here is the largest museum in the world dedicated to Aboriginal art, with thousands of collector's items. Permanent and temporary exhibitions are presented on 5 floors. You will also find skeletons of whales and sperm whales. In short, with such varied exhibitions, this museum is sure to please everyone and an essential visit to do in Adelaide!

South Australian Museum

Learn about Australian history at the Migration Museum

If Australia's history interests you, then don't miss this museum while visiting Adelaide. You will thus trace immigration to South Australia, the main motivations of the settlers, and their relationship with the natives.

The Migration Museum

Stroll through the Botanical Garden

Stroll through the 30 hectares of this unique garden! The Adelaide Botanical Garden offers an incredible variety of exotic plants from all over the world. Also learn more about the local plants, and in any case, have a wonderful time in peace and in the cool. Adelaide is an incredibly green city, and it shows it!

The botanical garden

Explore the Marine Museum

The Port of Adelaide reflects a part of the city's history. In the Musée de la Marine, you will learn more about immigration, navigation and measuring instruments, as well as on the local economy!

South Australian Maritime Museum

Admire the Ayers House Museum

This house was inhabited by Sir Henry Ayers, one of Australia's prime ministers. Colonial in style, you can visit this heritage of Adelaide and thus see in what setting lived a Prime Minister.

Ayers House Museum

See the animals at Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo accommodates more than 3 residents and dates back to 000. Which makes it one of the oldest in Australia. You will not only learn a lot about these animals, but above all, you will have the opportunity to see typical architecture of the country. In short, culture and leisure are there!

Des Koalas au zoo

Take a walk in and around Rundle Street

It is in this pedestrianized street that you can really feel Adelaide's heart beating! With all its small shops, musicians and statues of pigs (very photogenic!), Rundle Street has an unmistakable charm. If you don't know what to do in Adelaide on a Sunday, know that le Rundle Mall, Australia's oldest shopping arcade, is open 7 days a week.

Rundle street and his pigs

Marvel at Mungo National Park

Located about 500 km from Adelaide, Mungo National Park is part of the Willandra Lakes Region (UNESCO). It forms a huge dune of mud and sand. These dunes undergo the phenomenon of erosion due to wind and water. There were found the remains of a cremated human skeleton, the Woman of Mungo (dated 26000 years), as well as the Man of Mungo (dated 62 years) buried in a pit lined with ocher. By being accompanied by a guide, you will have plenty of time to learn more about australian food and on the bush medicine.

Mungo National Park

Useful information

  • To get to Adelaide, count 20 hours of flight from Paris with at least one stopover.
  • The best months to visit Adelaide range from September to May. Avoid the southern winter, where temperatures drop and rain is everywhere.
  • Adelaide International Airport is approximately 6 km from the city center. To then reach the city center you can take the taxi or the bus.
  • To get around and see all there is to do in Adelaide, the ideal is to buy a metroCARD, which you can use on the entire network of buses, trains and trams. If you are staying there for a short time, opt for the metroCARD Visitor Pass which offers three days of unlimited travel.
Port Willunga plage

The essentials of Adelaide… and after?

There are things to do in Adelaide! As in all Australian cities you will be impressed by the cool attitude of the inhabitants and by the warm and dynamic atmosphere that reigns there. And to prepare for your trip to Australia, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide for an unforgettable trip!

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