What to eat, food and drink United States

What to eat, food and drink United States


As soon as we take an interest in a particular state, we notice culinary differences and even antagonisms between regions. Cosmopolitan cuisine (Asian, Mexican, French ...) and connected (bio and vegetarian) in California, bison and elk steaks in Wyoming and Montana ...
You can find everything and at all prices, from the snack bar sold around the corner to the gourmet restaurant.
Many Americans keep snacking all day long: pretzels, burgers, sodas ...
In this regard, you will be struck by the number of obese people. Largely responsible for this catastrophic health situation, thefood industry and the corn growers lobby spray all industrial foods with their syrup. The most disadvantaged social categories are the most affected by obesity. The junk food costs less.

This epays.

The breakfast

Abundant and varied, more salty than sweet, breakfast is often taken at restaurants. Some establishments do just that! And then there are cafeterias, coffee shops and diners (pronounced “daï'neur”), these popular restaurants.

The menu, often as long as an arm, gives pride of place to eggs (eggs) in all their forms. Eggs are usually offered with bacon or sausages, sometimes grilled ham (ham), fried potatoes with onions or hash browns (Swiss rösti-style pancakes). As a bonus, you will be entitled to buttered toast.

There are almost always pancakes, these thick and fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, served with your choice of fresh fruit, grilled bacon, etc. French toast, called here French Toast, is also popular.

In a more “continental” register, it is essential to taste the bagels, these small buns in the shape of rings.

Do not confuse bagels with donuts, round donuts, also with holes in the middle.
We were going to forget the Muffins, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, etc., which are mostly found in coffee shops. And the granola, crispy mix of crispy cereals, served with yogurt, fruit, etc.


A unmissable weekend tradition at Amé's from 11 a.m. to 16 p.m. in general, many restaurants and even bars serve brunch, to accompany a hot drink or a cocktail.
In recent years, in town, “gourmet” brunches have been on the rise in fashionable places: quality products and elaborate recipes, often inspired by American classics but revisited.

Lunch and dinner

- Opening Hours: in most restaurants, lunch is over 18 p.m. After 21 p.m. or 21:30 p.m. on weekdays, you will have the greatest difficulty setting foot under a table. Only restaurant chains are of course an exception.

- The menu is not the same as reduced-price dishes or an advantageous menu at the start of their evening service, generally around 17 p.m. or 17 p.m. to 30 p.m.

- The today's specials (or just specials) dice salad bars : in most supermarkets Food courts and food halls: TrèUnis, the food courts are spaces grouping together stands of different cuisine Some restaurants offer buffet formulas called all you can eat (or ACE, “Whatever you can eat”). The abundance is guaranteed, the quality much less.

- Most bars offer happy hours (ge 19pm, weekdays). In gécas at a reduced price for any drink consumed.

American cuisine

- The hamburger (or burger): an institution in the United States, and for good reason, it is the national dish! The most popular foods use very “trèfood” meats, sometimes even organic.
- fries (fries or French fries) and coleslaw sometimes ordered separately.

- Beef tenderloin), the rib eye (entrecôbone, i.e. the double rib steak with the T-bone.

- The barbecue: a tradition from the south of the United States but which is making a splash across the country.

- The salads : Americans are the champions of mixed salads, fresh, appetizing and hearty. Alongside the classics Caesar Salad (romaine, grated parmesan and croutons, accompanied, in a deluxe version, with chicken or large shrimp) and Cobb salad (green salad, tomato, grilled bacon, chicken, avocado, hard-boiled egg and Roquefort), served with a whole procession of sauces (dressing rooms).

Pastries and ice cream

Among the traditional desserts are the cheese-cake (gâmère ... Without forgetting the always very popular cupcakes (small round sponge cakes, topped with a sweet and often colored buttercream icing), nor the whoopie pies (sort of mini cake sandwiches in the shape of a flying saucer, with a creamy filling in the middle).

Americans are used to decorating them with all kinds of toppings (toppings): M & M's chips, nuts, cereals, peanuts, caramel, hot fudge (melted chocolate) ... In addition to the classic ice cream, there is also the frozen yogurt (frozen yogurt), a little lighter in fat, with a creamy texture.


Non-alcoholic drinks (soft drinks)

- Ice water Coffee : le american coffee basic (regular or American coffee) is very long (to stay polite) and sometimes served as much as you like (free refills), especially at breakfast. Americans sip it everywhere all day long, including in their Thermos mugs. If you want black coffee, specify black coffee. In cities, coffee roasters (Artisanal roasters) a little trendy are more and more numerous. It serves a whole range of coffees made with quality beans: drip coffee (drip coffee), American (long espresso with hot water), cut (very tight espresso with milk microfoam), Cappuccino (espresso and light milk foam on it), caffe latte (thicker milk froth), spotted (espresso with just a hint of milk foam, the equivalent of our hazelnut), Vietnamese coffee (strong coffee softened by a drop of sweetened condensed milk) and Frappuccino frozen in summer.

- Theater of l & rsquo Cocas and sodas: Améfoods and coffee-shops, sodas (fountain drinks) are often even "at the pump", or we ask for a free refill.

- Smoothies: these are mixed fruit and / or vegetable cocktails mixed with yogurt, milk, soy / almond / hazelnut / rice / oats and / or ice cream, or even cereals. Sometimes energy supplements are added. The juice bars freshly squeezed are also always on the rise, surfing the organic wave.

- Milkshakes: smoothies made from milk mixed with large ladles of vanilla, banana, strawberry ice cream ...

- Floats or ice cream sodas: another cultural experience not to be missed! This is a glass of soda (usually Coke) or root beer, this unusual drink with a medicinal taste that has nothing to do with beer) in which we place a scoop of ice cream. vanilla.


Americans' relationship to alcohol is not as straightforward as it is here. The society, conservative and puritanical, authorizes the sale of firearms but strictly regulates everything related to “taboo” pleasures (sex and alcohol).

Do not forget your papers (ID), as many bistros, bars and nightclubs require them at the entrance.

- Minimum age: you will not be served alcohol if you do not have the 21th anniversary or if you can't prove you have them.

- Supervised sale and consumption: in most states it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol on the street. So we lower our can of beer into a paper bag, neither seen nor known. Beers can be bought in supermarkets and grocery stores, but wine and other alcoholic beverages can only be found in liquor stores.

- The beers: everyone is familiar with Bud, but we cannot recommend enough that you favor the microbreweries (microbreweries) which have flourished everywhere for the past 10 years. They brew excellent small local beers, not found elsewhere.

  • - chosen are top fermentation beers with a higher alcohol content.
  • - stock, brown, blond or amber, are low fermentation beers with good conservation, the least alcoholic and the most common; in this family, the pilsner are blonde lager.
  • - wheat are light and cloudy beers (the equivalent of white beers), composed largely of wheat or wheat malt.

- Wines : Progress has been considerable for several decades and many American vintages now hold the high level to Old World wines. Better still, the vine is cultivated today in the 50 States of the Union.

A spéUnis remain mostly faithful to the single varietal tradition. Made mainly from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec for the reds, and Chardonnay for the whites, they are concentrated, structured and very charming, as they are intended to be drunk young, but generally not very complex.

Some restaurants that do not have an alcohol license apply the principle of Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB): you have the right to bring your own bottle.

- Cocktails: dry).
Beyond these great classics, the trendiest bars mix their own recipes, either inspired by old cocktails, or outright invented from scratch, with house alcohols, the most unexpected aromatic herbs, chilli, etc.

- Bourbon: impossible to ignore this American whiskey (whiskey).

- Happy hour: many bars attract crowds after work, generally between 16 p.m. and 18 p.m. (or 19 p.m.), by offering them half price on certain spirits, notably beers but sometimes also certain simple cocktails.

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