What to do in the Landes? 10 visits not to be missed!

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First region of France in the heart of surfers, the Landes are a true green setting bordered by coasts, among the most beautiful in Europe. Its strong and green character has enabled it to combine the imponderables of modern comfort with the imperatives of nature preservation. So here is what to do in the Landes, whether you are a surfer or hiker, spa guest or tourist!

Try surfing

The Landes coast is one of the strongholds of European surfing. Most young people never wonder what to do in the Landes, they come above all for the joys of skiing! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can rub against the surf of the Atlantic and take advantage of the advice of specialists, provided by the many schools on the coast.

Surfing in the Landes

Feast on the local gastronomy

For those who feel hungry when they arrive, we recommend that they go quickly to a restaurant in the Landes where they can find sustenance with some of the most prestigious products. Foie gras, duck breast, free-range chicken and asparagus, all washed down with a local wine or a fine Armagnac… your dishes, get set, go!

Duck breast

Rest or get active on the beaches of Seignosse

A hotspot for surfing sports competitions, Seignosse is also an ideal place to laze on the sand. With 6 km of beaches, you'll have plenty to spread your towel and watch seasoned surfers brave the shock of the waves. But you can also enjoy the forest not far from there. A real haven of natural and unspoiled peace for those who are still wondering what to do in the Landes.


Good camping plan: The Landes are a special region because it straddles sea and land. From fragrant pine forests to the warm sands of the coast, it is above all a natural region which therefore attracts all lovers of ecological comfort. What could be better than the campsite to visit the Landes ? Offering both modern comfort while remaining friendly, the Vieux Port water park combines the joys of community life with one of the most prestigious aquatic entertainment in France. An address not to be missed !

Explore the Landes nature on a mountain bike

With more than 600 km of cycle paths, the region is certainly one of the most “bike-friendly” in our country. To dive into the pine forest or follow the route of a track that borders the ocean, mountain biking is the ideal means of transport for breathe in the wild and marine air of the Landes, keep in shape and be amazed! And you can even embark on multi-day hikes thanks to the multiple campsites that dot the region.

Cristus lake

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Landes

When you don't know what to do in the Landes, you just have to consult a local almanac to realize that the party is an institution here. Events stemming from tradition fill the Landes calendar with more than 80 days a year devoted to celebrations! Around August 15, the Dax Fair attracts thousands of visitors, but even in small villages you will always find an opportunity to have fun!

The feria of Dax

Surf on the Hossegor vibes

Like his cousin Seignosse, Hossegor is famous for one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Both for its peculiarities appreciated by surfers, and for the beauty of the place. If you do not know what to do in the Landes and you hesitate between physical activity and relaxation, Hossegor is for you, you will find everything that makes the beauty of the region there.


Visit Biscarosse

Classified four-star flowered city, Biscarosse is a jewel that shines brightly on the Atlantic. Its layout, with lakes, golf courses and hiking trails, will suit both those looking for what to do in the Landes to be closer to nature, as well as those who prefer the comfort of a modern city, dedicated above all. to the warm welcome of its visitors.


Stroll on Capbreton beach

North of Bayonne and Biarritz, is a less famous seaside resort than its neighbors Hossegor or Seignosse but which nevertheless does not lack charm. If you are wondering what to do in the Landes with your loved one, do not hesitate to walk along its beach or in the heart of its traditional town center. Love effect guaranteed!


Relax in the thermal baths of Dax

If the city is universally known for its madness, Dax is also, and paradoxically, an ideal place of rest for those who suffer from stress due to their work during the year. Its more than 15 establishments offer multiple formulas ranging from a complete spa treatment to a quick but invigorating simple visit. An essential must to recharge your batteries!

The hot spring of Dax

Explore the historic heart of Mont-de-Marsan

To the south of the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park, which by the way is worth the detour for those looking for what to do in the Landes to reconnect with nature, stands the town of Mont-de-Marsan. Like Dax, it is well known for its férias but it also shelters a historic heart of the most charming, energized by the permanent municipal concern to stimulate culture and art, an essential character trait of this city.


The essentials of the Landes… and after?

The Landes offer a myriad of possibilities to the traveler. From hiking in the middle of nature to reviving spa treatment, through surf sessions and nightly entertainment, it will take time to exhaust all the possibilities in the region! However, if you don't know what to do in the Landes, we recommend a small detour through the nearby Basque Country or a climb up to the Loire, its castles, its wines and its meanders. France is a vast playground and the West Coast is often underestimated!

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