What to do in Rotterdam? 10 must-see visits not to be missed!

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Rotterdam is well known for its world famous port. This typical and lively city of the Netherlands has many other assets to reveal to you. Bold and original, it takes you on board in its naval history and regularly invites you to little funny and unexpected breaks. This city avant-garde and fascinating, the second largest city in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam), will also surprise you with its cultural and historical riches, its modernism and its unparalleled architecture! Finding it hard to choose and not sure what to do in Rotterdam on your next getaway? We share with you all our secrets and a list of our essential activities !

Observer son architecture unique

After the Second World War, only a few rubble remained of Rotterdam. The city has since rebuilt and son architecture resolutely wants to be modern and spectacular. The Erasmus Bridge amazes, the futuristic lines of the central station captivate, and the tallest apartment building in Europe impresses. Rotterdam is likely to stun architecture enthusiasts and fascinate the tourist for a day!

Gare central de Rotterdam

Sailing in the port of Rotterdam

Ce internationally renowned port well worth a visit. Why not try to learn more by a pleasant excursion on the waterways of the largest port in Europe? You will have the opportunity to contemplate the unique architecture of the city from another angle. This will also allow you to observe some historical sites of the city, like the famous ship that became a hotel in the 50s, of magnificent docks, the Norwegian sailors' church or one or the other shipyard and its countless containers.

Le port de Rotterdam

Se promener dans le Diergaarde Blijdorp

One of the most beautiful European zoos awaits you in Rotterdam. Numerous programs for the protection of endangered species are in place and the zoo supports multiple animal species conservation projects in the whole world. This animal park appeals to young and old alike. There is plenty to do in Rotterdam, even with the family! Go on an expedition without leaving the city and return with a heart full of memories!

Zoo landscape

Stroll in the Markthal

Markets and covered halls are commonplace in metropolitan areas. Rotterdam is no exception to the rule. The hundredvaried and colorful stalls follows one another and offers lovers of this type of place tofriendly atmosphere, a truly gourmet outing. Take the opportunity to do your daily shopping and buy delicious local products. Do not forget to taste one or the other on the go, without complex! This popular culinary activity is really a must to try and do in Rotterdam, the easy way.

Market hall

Admirer le Look-Cube

These incredible cubic houses do not leave any visitor indifferent. The concept calls out and even sometimes raises questions. The designer of the place wanted each home represents a tree and all, a forest. The site is truly intriguing and will undoubtedly pique your curiosity as well. One of these houses is open to the public and allows you to admire this unique architectural project. Venture into this foyer unlike any other!

Cubic houses

Getting lost in the Delfshaven

This neighborhood full of sweetness and nostalgia is one of the most beautiful corners of Rotterdam. On its own, it will transport you to a setting worthy of the most beautiful traditional postcards from the Netherlands. Everything is there: romantic canals, traditional boats, historic mills and little houses with the allure of yesteryear! It can be visited on foot, letting you carry away by your instincts or by boat. A unmissable walk to do in Rotterdam, without hesitation!

The Delfshaven district

Have fun in an unusual way

Museum lovers, you will have the opportunity to visit so many and more in Rotterdam. Want to get out of the classic circuit? You will be spoiled for choice as Rotterdam is cosmopolitan and original. Why not poke your nose at the Kunsthal Museum? This fascinating place with its architecture will surprise you with the variety of its modern art exhibitions. This unusual place will let you disconnect for sure!

The Kunsthal museum

Climb to the top of Euromast

This 185 meter high tower dominates the whole city and offers a majestic panorama on this incredible Dutch city, its architecture and its impressive port. Need thrills and adrenaline? The more daring can even consider a abseiling down the Euromast. Essential activity to do in Rotterdam for guaranteed thrills!

The Euromast tower

Stroll through the city in search of works of Street Art

Rotterdam's unique architecture is often highlighted. Street Art is no exception and comes to complement in a colorful and intense way this breath of modernity which emerges from this extraordinary city. Thanks to an application, Rewriters, entirely dedicated to these original frescoes, you can consider taking a tour of the city completely focused on this theme.

Le street art de Rotterdam

Explore the floating forest, Dobberend Bos

Near the port, is, floating on water, for an strange place sheltering a pavilion and a forest. This original idea, set up by three members of the “Mothership” collective, revisits the downtown green spaces. The students of the city's university reflected, among other things, on the development of the irrigation system for this project, created from salvaged material. An initiative that highlights the challenges of climate change and sustainable development.

The forest on the water

Useful information

Finally, here is some additional information to prepare your stay as well as possible:

  • Tongue : Dutch is the official language, but most of the locals speak English very well.
  • Cash : the currency used is the euro. You will find cash machines all over town. Payment by credit card is no problem.
  • How to get there : you have the choice between plane, train and bus. The Thalys takes you from Paris to Rotterdam in less than 3 hours. Regular flights allow you to reach the Dutch city in an hour. Long-distance buses are becoming more democratic. If you have the time, this option is economical!
  • Travel: the center of this city is easily explored on foot. Test the boat to navigate the canals or visit the port. While public transportation shouldn't be necessary for your city break, be aware that there is an efficient network of buses, subways, and streetcars. Renting a bike is also a possibility for your trips.
  • Reduction: The Rotterdam Welcome Card gives you access to public transport and offers you discounts on around XNUMX tourist attractions.

The essentials of Rotterdam… and after?

You were wondering what to do in Rotterdam and you saw that the possibilities abound. This leads you to consider expanding your stay in this emblematic country of the north. Do not hesitate to visit other Dutch cities or get lost in the incredible nature of this flat country ! The Netherlands await you for a change of scenery!

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