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Discover unexpected places around the city

Once you know all the treasures of the Pink City by heart, go and venture around Toulouse to discover places as unusual as they are magnificent ! The region is full of charming Occitan villages, hiking trails for Sunday walkers as well as for the more athletic, but also unlikely animals in these regions. Here is a selection of the best spots, let's go!

Stroll along the Canal du Midi

A must visit around Toulouse: enjoy the shaded banks of the Canal du Midi. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this artificial canal allows boats to navigate from Toulouse to the Mediterranean. Its construction site, one of the largest in the world, began in the XNUMXth century and greatly enhanced the economic development of Toulouse. Today the Canal du Midi is still used, in particular by boaters. To find out, you can walk and cycle along the green lane, or rent a barge for a few hours or even a few days. A getaway in the great outdoors, perfect for getting away from it all not far from the Pink City!

The Canal du Midi

Imagine yourself in the savannah at L'African Safari

Located in Plaisance-du-Touch, the African Safari is an animal reserve with nearly 600 wild animals from 80 different species. This atypical place is made up of two parts on 20 hectares of oak forests, providing welcome shade in case of hot weather. First of all the reserve: in your vehicle, you will leave admire African animals in semi-freedom including the majestic elephants, lions, zebras and tigers. The route takes around 30 minutes, but you can do it several times! Then leave your car in the car park and continue your visit on foot to see the smaller animals: baboons, turtles, meerkats… The little ones will appreciate the mini-farm, where they can touch different species. You will also find a large picnic area on site, with a central fogger for hot days. In summer season, two amazing shows complete the visit. A great day trip to do around Toulouse!

Think of themselves as monkeys at Agrip'Aventure

Here is a great place to have fun around Toulouse: Agrip'Aventure, located in the national forest of Montech. From 3 years old, everyone can indulge in climbing: with 9 routes of increasing difficulty, go test your address in this enchanting place. Equipped with a harness and a hanging system allowing you to move through the trees without ever coming off, let's go for the adventure! The more daring can climb up to 16 meters high, while the others can enjoy the monkey bridges, zip lines, suspension bridges and other Tarzan lianas ...

PRACTICAL TIPS : do you know when to go to Toulouse? Check the climate month by month !

Discover Rieux Volvestre

This medieval village is one of the “Most beautiful detours in France”. For lovers of old stones, this is a real gem! Rieux Volvestre is an ancient Episcopal City, of which there remains today a heritage of inestimable value. The historic center has no less than seven listed or registered monuments, including the Cathedral, a Gothic treasure to see. You can also admire the old seminary and its superb garden, the lapidary museum, the Jacquaire space, the hall, etc. The architectural details of the facades alone are worth the visit. At the foot of the Pyrenees, the village is surrounded by the Arize, a tributary of the Garonne, an asset that contributes to the charm and tranquility of the place. Nature lovers will be able to take advantage of the many hiking trails, including the GR861 which will offer you breathtaking landscapes. A visit to do absolutely around Toulouse! 

Admire the castle and the park of Merville

An astonishing visit around Toulouse? Discover these places steeped in history 20 km from the city. Dating from the XNUMXth century, the castle is a superb building of pink stones, typical of the region. You can stroll through the many lounges, bedrooms and other boudoirs, all of the furniture of which is original. The extravagant “Chinese salon” will undoubtedly attract your attention, so sumptuous it is. But the originality of Merville lies in its gardens, in particular its labyrinth : the 10 km of paths lined with high boxwood walls, make it the largest boxwood labyrinth in Europe. Labeled “Remarkable Garden”, this is an opportunity to stretch your legs while having fun!

Have a good time at Lake Saint-Ferréol

Want to sunbathe or swim around Toulouse? The Saint-Ferréol leisure center is the ideal place. This peaceful lake offers many activities for lovers of idleness, as for the more athletic. Put your towel on one of the many beaches, paddle in the water or get on your bike to tour the lake, there is something for everyone! For a day with friends or family, you can also rent a paddle, a kayak or a pedal boat. If you prefer to stay on dry land, climbers will be delighted with an outdoor climbing wall. An outing not to be missed on sunny days!

Lac Saint Ferreol

Visit the Gallic Village

The Gallic Village is the somewhat crazy story of a group of friends who got it into their heads to build a village using the same techniques as the Gallic ones, while relying on the latest scientific research. And the bet is raised hands down! Here is an original outing to do around Toulouse, which will immerse you in this period of history. Animated by craftsmen (in period costumes), the visit will make you discover the know-how and the way of life of the Gallic people. Habitats, cultures, breeding ... all aspects of their daily life will be revealed to you. More than a museum, the Gallic Village is a veritable archaeological and cultural park.

Rub shoulders with the stars at the Cité de l'Espace

Internationally renowned, the Cité de l'Espace is a must do around Toulouse! As its name suggests, your visit will be under the sign of the universe. Through numerous exhibition venues, a planetarium and themed gardens, you will discover the life of astronauts in the ISS, real spacecraft, the various missions and even the secrets of the stars. In a fun and original way, the Cité de l'Espace will make you discover the mysteries of the cosmos. A unique place that will awaken the Thomas Pesquet that lies dormant in you!

Marvel at the Halle de la Machine

Made of wood and steel, the inhabitants of the Halle de la Machine invite you to take a dreamlike journey. In the shadow of the giant Minotaur, you will discover a multitude of spectacle machines, imagined and manufactured on site before parading through the streets during cultural events. Surrounded by tales and legends, they are by turns disturbing and fascinating, but always spectacular! If you want to take your eyes off Toulouse, this is the place. To extend the experience, be sure to visit the bookstore or eat on site.

Visit the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, in Albi

Fancy a cultural outing around Toulouse? Direction the beautiful city of Albi and its famous Toulouse-Lautrec Museum. Bringing together the most important collection of the artist in the world, the museum will immerse you in Montmartre at the end of the XNUMXth century.. Known for his paintings and posters, whose scenes often take place in the middle of Parisian theaters, Toulouse-Lautrec offers us his vision of an era. The Moulin Rouge, la Goulue… so many names linked to the painter. The museum will also make you discover its tumultuous life, where painting held a prime place.

Ready to discover all these wonders around Toulouse?

Backpack, picnic, sunscreen, camera… everything is there? Let's go for an unforgettable day around Toulouse! There is no shortage of adventure possibilities in the region, whether you are a fan of nature, castles, forests or animals. There is something for all tastes and all budgets. During your walks have you come across some nuggets? Share your secret spots with us in the comments!

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